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Good day, I am urgently seeking a xcommand that will open a newly added panel & page on the cisco touch. We want to simulate a button press to bring it up for user feedback at the end of the meeting or call.One might be able to do this fromthe macros...

Hi , we are using SX80 along  CTS-CTRL-DVX-10+ .We were facing issue of Touch 10 hanging i.e. a circle keeps revolving on the center with blue screen and nothing happens. After say 2-3 minutes, it  comes back on its own.So, we did the RMA of Touch an...

Aman Soi by VIP Alumni
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Hi all, I have Webex Room Kit Plus with a P60 camera connected to dual displays. I would like to have selfview maximized at all times without user control/interference. I was able to assign the second display to show selfview in full screen screen; h...

Gelby by Level 1
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Content share in dual-home call from Skype not work very well. Some Endpoint not receive the ContentScenario.User1 SFB call A/V SIP Endpoint 1 , Sip Endpoint 2 and User2 SFB.User2 SFB call A/V SIP Endpoint 3.All partecipant SFB and SIP Endpoints are ...

Good Afternoon.Hope somebody can help me, the TelePresence Conference Microphones  74-4743-05-A0 CTS MIC are compatible with the Cisco TelePresence System TX1310 65?Thanks in Advance Buenas tardes, disculpen la pregunta pero los micrófonos 74-4743-05...

JRSuarez by Level 1
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Troubleshooting section of SX80 codec GUI says: WARNING: Output Connector LocationsYou have two connected outputs configured with overlapping location. Please update the Location configuration for your video outputs to match physical layout. which li...