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Load Balancing Cluster Expressway C and E to MRA

Hi, We have configurated 2 cluster of Expressway C and E to use the funcionality MRA with Cisco Jabber and Video/Call with B2B. All are working ok, but we do not undertand how it working about load balancing. In incoming call to video equipment regis...

Cisco Meeting Server Edge and Expressway-E on Same Public IP

We have requirement to deploy Cisco Meeting Server with Cisco Meeting App. We already have a Public IP with Ports Mapped to Exp-E server. I saw in Cisco Documentation that Cisco Is Planning to Remove Depedecy on CMS Edge server and Merge it in Exp-E...

How to interface a mic level mixer output with a MX_10 or MX-20?

we have 6 ceiling mics in an area where we would like to place an SX-10 or 20.  As you know, the line input has a direct loop out to the live speakers.  We need the mics to NOT be heard live as input on the line input.  We need to use the MIC level i...

Resolved! Cisco CMS Turn Server configuration

Hi all , i'm trying to setup a lap with Cisco CMS and right now i'm stuck with the turn server configuration , here is a scenario CMS Server with single deployment  int a , int b , guest account URI both from inside and outsid...