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Hi allJust a quick question of is it possable to Hide the clock/calender from the main screen with out hiding the whole OSD?The units we are using are sx20 with ISDN links and are not connected to the internet so every time these get unpluged the dat...

                   According to the available Cisco documentation Multiway is supported on endpoints that are registered on CUCM.So I've configured Multipoint on my VCS. I've configured on the endpoint the Multiway alias and adjusted: xconfiguration ...

gfolens by Enthusiast
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Hi there,I have set up a fresh TMS installation TMS 14.3 TMSPE 1.1 and after a reload I got a Portal error:Also I am unable to view device details under the Navigator page... status remains in Loading...Have anyone seen this before? Where to look for...

Lonemaker by Beginner
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Hi everyone,As my subject above, I want to ask several questions about Stacking MCU 5300 series,1.     What type of MCU 5300 series that stackable? 5310+5310? or 5310+5320? or 5320+5320?2.     If I stacking MCU 5320+5320, can I make conference call w...

Hi,When I do an Ad Hoc conference with 3 IP Phones 8945 (VGA 30 fps) at 384 kbps I see the following :Active, 3 endpoints , 3 screens        Does it means I'm using 3 screen license for this low quality (384 kbps, audio included) conference ?In the s...

Hi EveryoneI have a general query about SRV records and just need a bit of clarification. I have a customer who has registered a domain for their VCS express, ( When I do a dns lookup it brings back the correct public ip address of th...

faghouri83 by Beginner
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