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We've noticed that the VMWare options in BE6K UCL and UWL have changed to version 5 SKUs.BE6K still not compatible with 5.0 per the docwiki, so can v5.0 VMW-VS5-HYP-K9 be downgraded to 4.1 after purchase (like the data center SKUs can)?As always, TIA...

mebrooks by Level 1
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I am supporting (as a volunteer IT person) a UC560-T1E1-K9 that is EOL but working well for a small church. I installed the unit in 2012 and connected to a T1 using the T1E1 interface and have 40 DIDs. CenturyLink is the provider. We are on 60+ year ...

Dear all. We want to bring all voicemail messages from our old Unity 8.6 to our new installed Unity Connection 11.0.1 We already could get backup from all users but now we want to get backup of all voicemail messages with Cobras and got following mes...

Hi all We have a small contact centre and are running the default script in the UCCX. As mentioned in the title, when we have more then two calls in the queue they are not played the MOH file. These calls just the voice prompt then dead air (repeated...

Hello, I am upgrading our UCCX HA nodes from 10.5 to 11.5. I worked with licensing@cisco.com to get the 11.5 licenses already. Here is my question: After the upgrade, do I need to delete the old licenses from the UCCX nodes? Or do I just add the ne...

mclason01 by Level 1
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Dear All, Is it possible to transfer incoming call on Phone A to Phone B by simply pressing single key on Phone A itself. Here I do not want to receive the call & then transfer it. But I need to transfer the call to another extension while it is sti...

fms000001 by Level 1
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