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I have been connecting C240 servers in FI cluster, apparently one server wasn't to be discovered. It stucked at 58% FSM details are below: FSM Status:FailDescription: Current FSM Name:DiscoverProgress Status: 58%Remote Invocation Result:End Point Fai...

plp_pnlr by Beginner
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Just want to get some clarification regarding VLAN group...Did not find any documents related... Say I have 5 VLANs (11-15) in UCSM. Each FI has port-channel to N5K as uplink1. There is currently no VLAN Group configured. So all 5 VLANs are sending a...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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hi all   i have a working UCS setup with multiple blade server chassis that we use for video processing tests. We have a range of video test feeds available on the network (all multicast in SSM range) that all servers can join.  No problem there, wor...

Hope someone can help c240 m3 256gb of memory is failing memory noise and memorybutterfly test, I am  not sure how to determine which dimms are the culpritOut put :MemroyButterfly  test15 uncorrectable errorsDDR3_P1_A2_ECC: Unknown error code 60500Un...

willg by Beginner
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I have set and changed user labels and descriptions in service profiles before but never noticed anything but this time I looked at the FSM tab and saw power action events. According to the SP FSM it looked like it was rebooting the blade which doesn...

nikthatte by Beginner
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Hello all--I'm trying to troubleshoot an iSCSI boot from a UCS managed server.  The UCSM, I believe, is telling me that it can reach the storage array, but the storage array is telling me that the server is not online.  Right now, I'm stuck in the se...

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