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Hi,We just upgraded to ucs Central 1.41 and so far so good.one of the issue I have is that if I customize my dashboard and close all the welcome widget they all get back with vanilla look on re-login.any idea on how to prevent this from happening?Tha...

I have a server called TEL1 which is running the following:UCS B200 M4E5-2690 v3 CPUUCS Manager on firmware 2.2(3f)Server firmware:-- Adapter 1 = Cisco VIC1240 V4.0(1f)-- BIOS B200M4.2.2.3d.0.111420141438-- Board Controller 5.0-- CIMC Controller 2.2(...

Possible loss of CMOS settings: CMOS battery voltage on server 8/1 is lower-critical Severity Level:5Health LED of server 8/1 shows error. Reason: P3V_BAT_SCALED:Voltage Threshold Crossed; Severity Level:4 Both errors occured suddently & we are out o...