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CUCM and Gateway to PSTN

Hello everyone,   We are trying to configure a Cisco gateway 15.1(4)M10 with a FXO port and PSTN line to send calls to CUCM. We have configured the following on the router side: ! ! voice service voip ip address trusted list ipv4 255.255...


VoIP issue with 881

Hi,I have a strange issue with outgoing calles when connected to cisco 881.I got an IPphone (cisco SPA502G) which is registered to our SipServer (Public IP Server). in the past we had the 871 unit and everything was OK.since we replaced it with the n...

Broadcast storm : How to handle it ?

Hello @Julio E. Moisa @Francesco Molino @Joseph W. Doherty     yesterday, i got calls that everything is slow on network.  When I see on switches, there was lots of broadcast packets.   According to my knowledge, Broadcast means, when packet is sent ...

ITexpert by Participant
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Voice Gateway error message to configuration password on console

Hi Guys,   I am tryng to configure console password on gateway and I am receiving the error message:   GW-VOZ-01(config)#enable password ?  0      Specifies an UNENCRYPTED password will follow  7      Specifies a HIDDEN password will follow  LINE   T...

wilsonsant by Frequent Contributor
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QoS for port channel ports on 3850 switch

We have a 3850 switch with port channels to two 2960 switch stacks and a trunk port to the WAN router.  We need to be sure we have QoS on these port channel ports so traffic from the 2960 switches can pass through the 3850 on the way to the router.  ...

voip7372 by Enthusiast
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Connectivity down due to IP telephony

Hi Guys,   We have alcatel-lucent IP phones connected to Cisco Switches 2960. Yesterday, we got a strange issue that some of our PCs not able to get connectivity but IP phones working fine. After getting rebooting the IP phones manually PC get back t...

Resolved! Extended ping ToS Value

Hi,I'm trying to do an extended ping across an IP network. I want to be able to set the Type of Service of the packets to the same as that of our VoiP packets, which are tagged with DSCP EF.What Type of Service value should I use to achieve this.Als...

lmessenger by Beginner
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