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I have a 28 port Gigabit PoE Switch here that is doing constant, unscheduled reboots; about once every 2 weeks. This is now the 2nd switch we are on. I already RMA'd the first one because of the same issue. Native/untagged VLAN for generic internet t...

TRAI Regulation on Inbound outbound calling in Domestic Call centres in India As govt of India is promoting to create jobs in rural area's in Big way we are getting stuck as there is no clarity of making or receiving calls in our centers in Rural Are...

We are facing call transfer issue where using Genesys PBX where VGW is Cisco 4431 router ...how do we troubleshoot on VGW end ...MGCP gateway configured ..attaching VGW config..which debug command will give idea when the call transfer fail

Hi Folks,I have a BE6K running CUCM 11.5 in the Middle East. We have found that we are unable to Call Forward externally and I think this is down to the fact that the invite is coming the external party calling in. So for example Phone A is forwarded...

hello,I got an issue that i need to configure two remote routers 4321 to connect between them logical telephone line FXO to FXS.One router will be with FXO card that connected to call center on rg-11 cable.thought out the wan i got to other router th...

I am starting this discussion area to help answer any questions related to Verizon's IP Trunking services for Cisco VoIP products.I work with the Verizon engieering teams to help with Interop issues between Cisco and Verizon's VoIP network.Please fee...

cdemaret by Cisco Employee
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I am implementing a QoS policy on the ASR920 and I'm having trouble getting it to classify packets on egress.   I tried a very simple class matching EF and a policy to test it and when pinging out the interface with dscp ef set, all the pings fall in...

sean_kndy by Beginner
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hi, guys thanks for time and help i have the next configuration:  class-map match-any VOIP match protocol h323 match protocol sip match protocol rtcp match protocol rtp ! ! policy-map VOIPQOS class VOIP priority 2000 set dscp ef ! ! !and i...

ARGJ by Beginner
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