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Hi,I have configured simple Site to Site VPN connectivity, but the connection is not establishing..Tunnel interface is also showing down.Below is config on my router CISCO3945crypto isakmp policy 2 encr 3des authentication pre-share group 2 lifetime ...

Resolved! Can't open http

Hello, I have an ASA 5510 with AnyConnect and AnyConnect Mobile licenses.Clients with a laptop can connect through AnyConnect without troubles and can use all vpn resources.Clients with Android with AnyConnect client, can connect to the VPN, but they...

jordipuig by Beginner
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Trying to load VPN client on my Windows7 machine.  When I execute setup.exe I get one pop up asking if I want to run the program and then nothing happens.  Program never loads and I do not get any errors.Rene'                  

HiI am trying to enroll a non IOS SCEP client to a Cisco IOS CA Server. When I put a sniffer, it show me:HTTP GET/flash/pkiclient.exe?operation=GETCACert&message=ca,  but the next packet in the sniffer says HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found.In the Router Flash ...

I was looking at this example and did not get a clear explanation as to the use of the tunnel-group DefaultL2LGrouphttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6120/products_configuration_example09186a0080b3d511.shtmlWhy is the pre-shared-key * different fr...

xayavongp by Beginner
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Just implemented an ASA5515 with Anyconnect version 3.1.04066 for VPN use.  I'm noticing that when Anyconnect is installed on our laptops...when users are in the building, not VPN'd in, it randomly pops up in the lower right corner with the "Web Auth...

Hi everyone,I recently finished setting up remote access vpn on my asa 5510.  software is v8.2.  It was working fine, I was able to connect, able to ping anything internally on our network, rdp worked, etc.  I gave the pcf file to another person in o...

HelloWe have ASA with base license, I can only have 2 vlan and a DMZ, these interfaces are already occupied, is required to have a remote access VPN, the VPN settings these remote clients must have a different address, my question is that whether the...

yesenia-m by Beginner
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I have a situation that may be solvable via NAT, but I'm not sure. I'm not as familiar with the ASA 5520 8.0 as I'd like to be. Preface:ASA 5520 with IOS version 8.0 (can't upgrade because of RAM)VPN accessed on a public addressVPN is setup and so t...

hashknife by Beginner
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   Hello all,     We are currently deploying a new IPSec VPN solution to our customer base.  Through this they can access their local office from home out of hours, so a typical VPN solution.        The issue I have is that we support over 1,200 site...

Hello I am trying to create a site to site vpn between my ASA 5520 already configured to allow the use of the VPN Client.  The VPN Client works perfrectly but I am in a situation where I have a rather large office that processes a significant amount ...

  hi ,i want to configure  ipsec rempote access vpn with vpn client  ,but i wat to use certificate instead of preshared key and authenticate users with radius server .how can i do this .thanks

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