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Hi,I have two ASAs, one in our local office with a private range behind it of 192.168/16, and another in a remote location with two networks behind it: 10.100/16 and 10.1/16. I am able to pass traffic successfully between the 192.16 and 10.1 networks...

iglablues by Level 1
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I have a requirement for a two factor authentication for SSL VPN users. first one being LDAP and second one being biometric using thumb / finger scan.Please share your experience for such a solution, which works well with ASA5515X.Thanks,Abu Bucker

Hi Guys,We are having pretty weird issue and I am wondering if you could help me with this one.We have two routers running 12.4-15. Policy based IPSEC VPN between them.We have an user on Site A and a server on Site B. ICMP ...

glebpe185 by Level 1
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Hi All,I have just configured webvpn on a pair of asa5510's, the webvpn is now issuing a pop-up when I log in either to a group that authenticates locally on the asa of to a group that authenticates to a Radius server.the Pop-Up is a User Alert in th...

mlatham67 by Level 1
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I have inherited a network with no handover. There is a Cisco 881 router and I'm trying to gain access but having no previous Cisco experience I have no idea how to.So some quesstions.1. Does the Cisco 881 support DHCP server, ie can it allocate IP a...

Hi, I've recently set up an IOS based SSL VPN on a 1900 series router.  When I log in with the Windows client (ver 3.1.04066), I have no issues.  When I log in with the OSX client (ver 3.1.04066) I get an error about the endpoint not being FIPS compl...

I'm trying to setup an IKEv1 site-to-site vpn in a lab environment.  I followed the wizard in asdm on both ends and I can see an AES256 connection when I go to Monitoring -> VPN -> Sessions under the IPsec Site-to-Site menu.  The problem is I can't r...

animounted by Level 1
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Hello All I have a strange occurence where a Router 2800 series had to be rebooted as the DMVPN session through it went down and the Router had to be rebooted in order to restore the VPN session. Initially, I thought this was due to an IOS issue.Then...