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I implemented Local LAN access on an ASA running version 9.0(2). Then we added a client firewall under group policies to only allow them print capabilities. Here is the code for both of those features :access-list Local_LAN_Access standard permit hos...

s.auger by Level 1
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Dear all I am Md.kamruzzaman. My compnay purchase a cisco asa-5520 firewall and I want to configure PPTP vpn at asa 5520 firewall.Is it possible to configure PPTP vpn at asa firewall.If possbile can you plz tell me what is the procedure to configure ...

I have an IPSec L2L VPN set up between two ASA 5515X devices.Each side has 50mbs of Internet bandwidth available (DS3 and Business-class cable)I have set the MTU on the outside interfaces to 1380I have also enabled crypto ipsec df-bit clear-df outsid...

I am pretty new to Cisco programming and am trying to get an SSL VPN set up  for remote access using a web browser and using Anyconnect version 3.1.04509. If I try to  connect via a web browser I get an error telling me the security  certificate is n...

skapple by Level 1
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Dear Cisco Users. A few months ago I bought a Cisco router, ISA550W. This with the attention to establish a link between my laptop and the ISA 550W. A VPN connection.Now after 24 hours searching I give up. The configuration on the router seems to be ...

Hello,I need to setup a LAN-to-LAN VPN with an outside vendor and we are both using on our internal networks.  On my side I have an ASA5510 and I have dealt with conflicts many times before by working with the vendors to NAT across th...

neilhall by Level 1
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I have setup the VPN remote access to ASA 5520. The login is working. The users can access to the local network. But they can't access to the remote network through the tunnel. Is it the NAT setting need to be set for the tunnel or the VPN client to ...

Hi,I have a site-to-site VPN between ASA (main site) and a Cisco 861W ISR (branch) that works fine; the only issue I have is when I want to backup the configuration of the ISR using tftp on a station in the main site, I can't because the ISR tries to...

                   Anyone have an issue with the anyconnect client installer that after the install it does make a successful connection but the anyconnect installer window says it failed? Is this a bug?

Resolved! Site-To_Site_VPN

Hello All,Need some help with this site-to-site VPN with another company six hundred miles away?We plan to use a Cisco ASA5505 firewall; on their side they will be using a router for the VPN tunnel.We are looking for two things with the first being i...

What am I missing?  I have a 5540 which has a static route to and I'm able to ping addresses on that network:ping escape sequence to abort.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2...

WStoffel1 by Level 1
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