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NAC Server GUI Access

I am installing CAM and CAS, when I tried to access the CAS through GUI, it redirects some other page and shows the Cisco Clean Access Authentication page. At the bootm of the page it shows "Login page is not configured, please report to administrato...

Resolved! cisco 2651xm and RDP config issue

Hello,I am new to cisco configurations and am having some trouble getting port forwarding working so that I can RDP to a server behind the 2651. It is probably something fairly intuative that I am missing but it is escaping me all the same.My setup i...

IOS VPN tunnel interface keeps going down

Hello Community,I hope someone might be able to help with an issue I'm seeing on an IOS VPN Tunnel interface which keeps going down and then back up...We have a Cisco 2811 acting as a VPN Hub router on the backbone, which connects to various client s...

Error processing payload: Payload ID: 1

Hi All,Having being able to get a basic Ipsec VPN (with userid/password) connection to work between my Cisco ASA 5505 and iPad over the Internet, I now am trying to introduce a digital certificate in the authentication VPN mechanism. However, I am ge...

edwardre1 by Beginner
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remote access VPN

I want to set up remote access on a Cisco 800 routerThis is what I've geconfigureertaaa new-model!aaa authentication login rtr-remote localaaa authorization network rtr-remote localaaa session-id common!username Cisco password 0 Cisco!crypto isakmp p...

pcfreak49 by Beginner
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I am very new, and was trying out gre over ipsec configuration, using R1=>R3=>R2 configuration. My GRE and IPSEC originate at R1 and terminate on R2, however when connected a PC to R3, I was able to ping both R1 and R2. How is this possible, if the t...

ajike ola by Beginner
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ASA L2L Connection drop not detected

     Hi AllWe're experiencing some troubles with VPN status detection.Problem detected:We receive a call from the end point saying they cant establish VPN.Log says: ''IP = 79.x.x.x, Duplicate Phase 1 packet detected.  Retransmitting last packet."Asa ...

DMVPN Throughput...

Hi, I'm looking at getting some more performance out of our existing DMVPN by upgrading the Hub and Branch routers. We have a 100Mbit connection between all of our sites and are running a DMVPN over the links. In the branches we currntly have 1841's ...

QuickVPN win7 64 without windows firewall

I have an RV042 setup for quick vpn access.The remote computer in question is a win 7 64bit. The PC uses McAfee SAAS firewall. This disables the windows firewall.1. I can connect to the vpn with SAAS disabled and windows firewall enabled.2. I cannot ...

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