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Resolved! DMVPN for 4 ISP

Hi, I have got a high end router at Head office with 4 ISP link connection and got a low end router on each branch office with 2 ISP link. The links is L2. Can I configure the single DMVPN policy for all the connected link and pass the traffice of al...


hello everyone,I need a big favor, I've configured a cisco 1841 for a VPN Client-to-site but I can't get up a connection with a client of Linux (Ubuntu). I don't understand where the problem is if on router or client. Of following I've reported the c...

Hi, we have noticed and can confirm bugCSCtq61680 - Hostscan not running with Anyconnect on 64-bit Linux Systemshttp://tools.cisco.com/Support/BugToolKit/search/getBugDetails.do?method=fetchBugDetails&bugId=CSCtq61680How can one get further informati...

Hi everybody,Today we have a simple ASA-5520 SVC setup with just one connection profile and one group policy. Authentication (2 factor – AD + SMS) is performed by RADIUS. We would now like allow access to this VPN service only if you reside in a part...

So i am trying to test out a vpn config to establish an IPSEC tunnel between our 2821 and a snapgear product. I have the tunnel built, it comes up but I am not able to pass traffic between the two networks. The 2821 end is 10.30.254.x and the snapgea...

Hello all,I have a funny problem and it is taking up my whole time.I am doing a hub and spoke network through and ipsec vti.after  I have done the configurations, all works well but funny enough, I  cannot access yahoo or cisco from the spoke. All ot...

Hi everyone,I've been struggling for quite a few days now getting a VPN connection to work.The situation Two offices need to be connected to eachother with a VPN. Both sides have a WAN cable connection. The tunnel between the locations comes up fine ...

Olaf by Level 1
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Can you please share a link to setup a site to site VPN with two ISPs?ASA has been setup to use primary ISP-A. If ISP-A goes down it fails to backup ISP-B.We want the VPNs to failover to ISP-B if ISP-A goes down.I would appreciate your inputs.Thanks ...

Hello,I get the following error when trying to connect a vpn client through an ASA5505 with an already configured ipsec AES/256 site to site connection:regular translation creation failed for protocol 50 src:inside: dst:outside:xx.xxx.x....

markraves by Level 1
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When setting up a site-2-site vpn, do I need to setup an access list to alow the traffic from the remote network to the local network or does the remote network automatically have access to the local network?

tom_griep by Level 1
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I have been searching for a whle, and I am having trouble getting a clear picture if the ASA's support Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) for AES encrypted VPNs.  The same question would also likely apply to AnyConnect clients.  It would appear some Cisco pro...

ml0witten by Level 1
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