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We have a number of lan to lan vpns and all works well as well as remote access vpn.however there are a number of people who cannot access remote access vpn and when i add : isakmp nat-traversal 10 it works.Any idea?Also, when configuring site to sit...

Hello everybody.The setup is the following :2811 router with ISDN-BRI interfaces and a WIC-1T.The WIC-1T intf connects via an RS-232 cable to an external Motorola modem.When remote users dial-in establishing an ISDN connection everything is fine.When...

i am running into a situation that the ASA 5510 has remote vpn setup and working properly. This ASA also has a vpn site-to-site vpn tunnel setup and is also working properly. But they want users at the site-to-site vpn tunnel be able to using remote ...

kope by Level 1
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Hi all:I'm trying to configure the featute "tacacs+ per vrf" in order to authenticating with an ACS that a 7600 router learn from a vrf, but it isn't working; checking the ACS, I see that the user do authenticate but I got a messagge "authorization f...

Hi , I need to change one C2610 with a NM-1CE1U installed and one C2611 with a NM-1CE1BI have a spare 1841 however I can not found a WIC card for that 1841 which can replace the NM cards.Is there any ?Many thanksRegards

trombidz1 by Level 1
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Hi.I have the following situation in my network.We have a need for users who connect to our site with VPN clients to connect to another site via a L2L tunnel. The problem is that I need to NAT the addresses from the VPN client pool to another range b...

Hy,The client has this Cisco 7609, with the following configuration (don't laugh about it):Gi 3/1 ip address nat insidethen there are two subinterfaces defined each of them from the two ISP Gi 3/1.201 encapsulation dot1Q 201 ip address I...

hello,is there pointer on how to do the following requirement where:- router terminates Cisco vpn client with external radius- user groups have different access right to part of network, i.e. admin can access all, user can access only part of network...

Anyone?...Bueller?I wanted to move my 30 site-to-site VPNs to another WAN circuit. I configured a second interface on the asa5510 for my other wan circuit and re-created my test VPN profile for the second interface. On the remote side is an asa5505. ...

ciscospaz by Level 1
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I have an ASA5505 that terminates both an IPSec and SSL VPN (pool /24). It's 'inside' interface is in another ASA's DMZ ( When I VPN in I can access all resources inside, however I can not reach any services on the 172.1...