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VPN AuthorizationI am looking at transitioning from using AD to NPS for authorizing users on our VPN.   It is working good with AD but I need to use some of the features available through NPS such as framed-ip-address.   I have a couple of connection...

gcook0001 by Level 1
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Dear All,  I have a simple setup with two routers (acting as server and client), where I am trying to test flexvpn using certificates. I am getting below error IKEv2:% Received cert hash is invalid, using configured trustpoints from profile for signi...

We just bought a RV340 Router and tried to setup a L2TP VPN connection so we can connect from home to our local web server located in the office. I successfully connected to the L2TP Server from home but I can't access the webservers local IP through...

Is this possible? I'm authenticating AnyConnect via SAML /AzureAD, but wish to have multiple tunnel groups. I'm aware I'm presently unable to have multiple IPD trustpoints so all users are lumped into the same authentication group, however each tunne...

hi there. we have a : Cisco Firepower 1140 Security Appliance - Cisco and im having trouble to find the correct snmp mib so i can find out how to monitor cpu,memory and interface-nic:s ....i have found out how to monitor the current vpn-connections (...

v34 by Level 1
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Hello,  I have a S2S VPN with Oracle. Is it up for 60% and the other 40% tries to renegotiate the key.  The other side says"When peer initiates the connection after lifetime it need to send an initiator cookie which should be blank and instead of tha...

Hi everyone, I'm configuring anyconnect ssl vpn and I'm using a custom Group Policy, and this group policy is assigned to a custom Connection Profile.The Group policy "Filter" is also marked as "Inherit" Now my question is, where does my custom group...