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On a hub-spoke structure we have a VPN 3005 concentrator as a hub and VPN 3002 clients for each spoke. Considering we want to implement fault tolerance on each site, what would be your recommendation, use PIX firewalls in addition to the VPN 3002 cl...

I have a 3002 vpn connecting to a cisco ios router. The vpn tunnel is up and running but I cannot ping anything from behind the 3002 to anything off the router. I'm using a on the 3002 and on the router. The 3002 is do...

We have created an ssl vpn tunnel everything is working however performance when using https through the tunnel is dial-up speed. If we remove the tunnel and just do straight https performance is fine. Also, http through the ssl tunnel is fine so t...

After a call I get *Jun 1 11:15:46.849: ISDN BR0/0/0 Q921: User RX <- DISCp sapi=0 tei=80*Jun 1 11:15:46.849: %ISDN-6-LAYER2DOWN: Layer 2 for Interface BR0/0/0, TEI 80 changed to down*Jun 1 11:15:46.849: ISDN BR0/0/0 Q921: User TX -> UAf sapi=0 te...

I can connect to the PIX and the VPN client PC can receive the settings from the PIX firewall, however I am unable to see and ping the local LAN. Network Diagram vpn client-----(Internet)------pix---168.x.x.xBelow is the config, am I ...

xbw by Beginner
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Hi, I have a very strange problem, wondering if anybody has seen this before. I have two sites connected together with a serial line and using isdn backup. The serial part is working fine. I should clarify, I am using 2 x 2600's running 12.3 IOS. ...

hi,i have concentrator 3030 model. i receive following error in the log files while establishing the site-to-site vpn tunnelIKE MM Initiator FSM error historyi am unable to get any informtaion on this . there are further errors which ain't getting me...

rush2amol by Beginner
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I have some problems for configuring ezvpn between router IOS(Client) and VPN3K(Server). I want router to be connected with VPN3K without xauth (that is, without configuring username and password on router).-----------------------------------------To...

skytosky by Beginner
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Hi!we got an ASA5520 with a lot of vpn L2L tunnels. Now we got a problem with one of the tunnels. I would like an explaination to a log message. I would like to now, wich node the word "pitcher" are reffering to, or Or in ot...

miwiconab by Beginner
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I am having some trouble creating a working VPN using the ASDM wizard. I am NOT a network expert by any means. Does anyone know of any place that offers some cookbook type help for working with this ASA?Thanks

We have a new MPLS connection using two Cisco 2801 routers. We need to pass netbeui packets between main office and the remote location. My thought was to use the VPN capability of the 2801s and a protocol such as IPSEC or GRE. There are only 4 IP ...

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