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Automate Branch Office Design

Hi,I work for a Managed Service Provider organisation and belong to the branch office solution group. I have very elementary knowledge about the branch office design aspect. I would like to know if we can automate the Standard design of a branch offi...

degug ipsec and isakmp

dear alli would like to be pointed to documents on the cisco web site, that interpret and explain all or the major output of debug commands related to ipsec and isakmp , thanks in advance

VPN tunnels between 3 sites.

I have 3 sites(A,B,C). A is connected to B thro' Site2Site VPN & also B is connected to C thro' Site2Site VPN. All 3 sites use PIX 7.1(1) for VPN connetctions. If I trace C clients from A client, it is only one hop thro' B. Everything working fine so...

tunnel issues

Hi;I have a VPN that is connected to a WAN Aggregator, i have multiple isp and one of the limitations is my upload speed. i get most of my sites to connect but there are a few that connect but don't pass data. the internal address on the aggregator...

vpn with access lists

in the peer model of VPN, whay using a shared router, we use ACL.do we use extanded ACL, and how it can be used to separate VPNs?can we permit access to Internet and deny it to other VPNs?

Trouble Completing IPsec Proposal - NAT Issue ???

I have a functioning DMVPN environment running with two hubs and approx 95 remote offices using 2621XM VPN Bundles. They have been functioning well for quite a few years now. I am now trying to bring up a new office with a couple of differences, th...

mbadali by Beginner
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Dynamic Point-To-Point VPN

I want to implement IPSEC among 350 branches, all branches are connected to head office via point-to-point DXX circuits and radio's, i am unable to use DMVPN because it is use in multipoint netwroks. I made few changes in DMVPN configurations and con...

Two Tier Firewall Config

We want to setup a Data Center Network for core banking with all the application and Database servers.For the same we are planning to design a Two-Tier firewall network architecture. First Tier firewall (Cisco PIX in failover mode) will have Web serv...

fmatrine by Beginner
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Wacky ASA VPN Access Problem

Hi Folks,I am currenty facing a situation and I am in real need for advice....The situation is that though ASA is allowing our remote branches to access the inside network and its allowing inside folks to visit Internet, its not allowing VPN access f...

nomanbari by Beginner
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PIX 7.0 & VPN

IKE phase 2 error? One of L2L connections is not working. getting the following error:Apr 20 09:43:47 [IKEv1]: Group = x.x.x.x, IP = x.x.x.x,QM FSM error (P2 struct &0x3f7ddd8, mess id 0x841f4eb8)!Apr 20 09:43:47 [IKEv1]: Group = x.x.x.x, IP = x.x.x....

benny.jr by Beginner
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ISDN call keep activating

I have set up a DDR which should work only when it sees interesting traffice but looks like my bri interface sending packet to the remote bri which is activating ISDN call, I have pretty much blocked everything in my access-list but it still activate...

nawas by Enthusiast
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