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Hi All, I have been trying to setup a test VPN connection from my Home DSL to the Cisco 2610 Router here at office running IOS version IOS (tm) C2600 Software (C2600-IK9O3S-M), Version 12.2(21a) I have read that I need to use crypto isakm...

girish_a by Level 1
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We would like to set up a site-to site VPN to a new office with PIX 515's at both ends of the link. The new office currently has an ADSL line with a single fixed Public IP address assigned to it. Is this possible or do we need to have at least two P...

I hv configured PIX firewall to authenticate VPN user I need to know when user loged in / out time & other details can i see this information, if yes then what are the commands on pix to view this.Thanks khaleel

Is it possible to create a p2p VPN between to PIX’s and use the Outside NAT feature to NAT traffic at the remote site.Ex:Site A10.1.1.x Inside99.99.99.99 OutsideSite B99.99.99.98 Outside10.30.2.x InsideCan I NAT traffic coming into Site...

I am trying to connect a L2L VPN using a PIX 515 and a 3005. I have the configurations set but am getting this result for the sh crypto ipsec sa which shows that traffic is received but not sent.Crypto map tag: xxxxx, local addr. x.x.x.x local id...

Hi,I was just configuring my PIX 501 to enable clients with the Cisco vpn client software installed to connect.This works fine.But it is a group authentication so all clients use the same login.I like to use individual users but this option is only p...

oostveen by Level 1
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As i have mentioned earlier i have a 1700 as hub router and 837 as spokes with dynamic adsl connexion.All is working like a charm by i am unable to communicate beetwen spokes, i have droped my PIX506 for a 1700 for that purpose but it is not working ...

Wondering if anyone has found the best performance setup when doing Router to Router IPSEC/GRE Tunnels?It seems to be a bottleneck when using IPSEC/GRE and QOS across VPN Tunnels?Thanks,Bob

I have a broadband Internet connection via BT (UK). The connection is via an ADSL modem connected to a PC running Windows 98. This PC has Microsoft internet connection sharing installed and is connected to a home LAN. My laptop (running windows 200...

alecjames by Level 1
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