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SSH Login Failing

When attempting to ssh into the router the connection is never established..please see the following debug output:5494365: Jul 14 18:44:18.769 UTC: SSH0: starting SSH control process5494366: Jul 14 18:44:18.769 UTC: SSH0: sent protocol version id SSH...

k.minarcin by Beginner
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DMVPN spoke with multiple VRF

Hi everyone,   I am reaching out to get your opinion on my below config, What i want to achieve is that a spoke having two vrf and two tunnels pointing to two different hubs, two eigrp instances with different AS numbers. Spoke will have two differne...

AnyConnect / Home Network Issue?

Good afternoon all, hoping somebody can help where my companies IT have failed so far!   Up until 2 weeks ago I had a company laptop that ran XP that had no issues with connectivity, 2 weeks ago I had it replaced with a machine running Win7 and Cisco...

KeefG76 by Beginner
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VPN l2l certificate authentication

Hi everyone,   I just wanted to clarify some of the crypto requirements for setting up a l2l vpn. 1. Trustpoint - doeas a trustpoint need only contain an identity / general certificate or is a CA certiifcate required as well ? 2 Trustpoint - does the...

Resolved! AnyConnect License question

one of my customers has AnyConnect licensed on his ASA5516.  Now they need to get licenses for AnyConnect Plus for a small group of users so they can have the mobility feature.User question is if today they have 250 session licenses on the 5516 and t...

Resolved! "the vpn client agent was unable to create the client host configuration manager" - can't access the GUI to collect the DART info

Hi,One of our users receives the following: "the vpn client agent was unable to create the client host configuration manager" Can't gather DART information as I can't access the GUI to open Statistics tab and then click the Details button at the bott...

lbray by Beginner
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Resolved! Numero de VLANs en router

Necesito configurar mas de 12 VLANs en el equipo router Cisco 881/K9 pero al intentar configurar me indica que solo esta permitido configurar mas vlans, podrían indicarme si hay alguna solución ál respecto, o necesariamente tengo que cambiar a otro r...

Rolando by Beginner
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VPN connectivity issue

I am facing some issue with VPN connection. I am using cisco anyconnect v3.1 for vpn connection. Previously i a, able to conncet VPN but today some user faceed this connectivity issue. They are not able to access VPN. The anothe rissue with this anyc...

DMVPN Spokes + QoS for Voip traffic

Hi All,our company starts deploying non-cisco soft-phones on the DMVPN spokes and I need to prioritize this voice traffic somehow.I have prepared a configuration update for the spoke routers and wondering if you can take a look and see if I am missin...

Ruterford by Beginner
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