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pptp same subnet but can't ping

Hey guys i have a very particular requirement that my colleagues can pptp into a 877 over the internet and then can communicate with each other.  There is no local resource attached to the Router which is needed to be accessed by pptp users. Only pp...

Resolved! Forward UDP from site to site across vpn

I have a site to site IPsec tunnel across the WAN from an 1841 to an 2811 router. I need a udp port to get to the other side but it is not receiving it. I have the ip forward-protocol and tried ip helper but it isn't working. Should I have the helper...

Eric Brown by Beginner
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Alcatel point to Multipoint VPN (Like DMVPN)

Hi all, Could you please  help me for finding a technology instead of DMVPN that be standard Industry? As you know DMVPN is point to multipoint  VPN it is good solution, but the problem is, i should add Alcatel router to my network and DMVPN is Cisco...

ASA 5505 Remote VPN not accessible

Hello guys. I was using my VPN client without any issue. Everyone was able to connect and access the internal network. Now what happens is that people people are connected via VPN and ASA 5505 also gives static IPs to everyone. But nothing is accessi...

Resolved! No Internet Access With Split-Tunneling Enabled

Hello Everyone, We're facing one issue related with Split-tunneling. Our VPN profile has split tunnel enabled with only allowed networks to be entered through tunnel and internet traffic is going locally. Now this is working fine almost for 90% of u...

Remote VPN over 2 inline firewalls

Hi everyone, I'm a bit new with Cisco and networking so please bear with me. I'm aware this is a bit of a strange way of doing things, but it's what I've got to work with. I've changed the IP addresses from my real ones below as an example. I'm havin...

DanielMoz by Beginner
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Resolved! Rv042 as VPN client

Hi, I am trying to configure VPN but not getting any success, At my Head office I have one cisco-3825 Cisco-5515-x, at branch office I have 1 rv042. My site to site VPN configuration is working fine. But what I want now is this that all the internet...

To prevent Ip spoofing

To prevent Ip spoofingGet an insight into WAN, Routing and Switching latest Cisco Catalyst series, products insights, Configuration, Installation Upgrade, Troubleshooting, Product Information, Technology Information, Design-Architecture, and answers ...

Resolved! VPN between ASA not working

Hi everyone hope you can help us with an issue. We're trying to create a site to site vpn tunnel between various office in different countries. We need to create 4 vpn tunnel, 3 of them are working right now, however there is one ASA that is not al...

Multiple VPN tunnels from Cisco ASA to different AWS regions that have identical private IP class

Hello everybody, I'm new to Cisco and I need some guidance on this. Thanks in advance. The scenario is the following: I'm looking to connect the office network to multiple AWS platforms that have the same private IP class. We already have a VPN tunn...


Hi Everyone, First off thanks for the priceless information this community provides to techies all over. I'm newish to IPSEC VPNs and have a question. I have a DMZ host that's PATed to a public IP. I have set up an IPSEC tunnel (with an external org...

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