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I've been tinkering with Webex free account. One thing I am not seeing is the "lobby" aka "waiting room". Basically I want to schedule/create a meeting, and anyone that is in there before I start should go into the "lobby"/"waiting room", and then I ...

naremaka by Level 1
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Sorry  wasn't sure where to post this question so might be in the wrong location. Does webex meetings have a 'concierge' functionality where I can invite guest presenters or observers and have them wait until they are 'called' into the meeting for a ...

We recently rolled out Webex Meetings to our staff to support a more work at home environment.  We were in a pilot phase prior to COVID-19 but had to accelerate that plan for obvious reasons.  None of our initial Pilot group had this issue.  We had m...

RedK25524 by Level 1
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Hello,  I got some issues with the screen on Webex meetings. I guess that everyone on the meeting can see my selfview cam on a full screen when the host puts my cam on full screen. But is it able for me to know whether my selfview is on the main scre...

ych200330 by Level 1
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