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We recently installed a Webex Room Kit Pro in our Board Room and the Board Secretary needs to "invite" the Room Kit to Webex meetings.  She only has access to our organizations Webex User Portal for scheduling meetings.  We'd like to be able to invit...

Kathy N. by VIP
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Good morning community,I thank you in advance for your support of my query.I have to install a CODEC EQ with a SONY SRG-X120 camera. Do any specific settings need to be made in the codec to be able to control the camera from NAVIGATOR? Or simply when...

We have our devices set up so we can book meeting rooms through Outlook (via Webex plugin) and each of our Desk Pro device is tied to an email address for hybrid calendar setup. After booking through Outlook, the address auto-accepts the invite and t...

NLag by Level 1
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The default password for the Quad Camera serial port is not working. I used admin/cisco and shown in the this link but does not work. I also performed a factory reset a couple of time to make sure that was not the issue.  https://www.cisco.com/c/en/u...

Hi,We have 700+ Cisco room devices across our estate. Pretty much all of them have the Wake On Motion Detection setting switched on. However we find the devices wake on motion randomly and don't always wake up when motion is coming from the room. I'm...

I am trying to follow the instructions per https://help.webex.com/en-us/article/n1hlvi5/Audiocodes-for-the-MP-1288---Manual-Reconfiguration-Procedure to connect a MP1288 to Webex.After loading the incremental ini file the device fails to register.I a...

markcupps by Level 1
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Hello Community,first post here, please apologize for any wrongdoing.System setup:Webex Room Kit EQ with Room OS camera SRG-X 400, connected via HDMI and EthernetExtron touch panel and IPCP PRO controller Task:The customer configured th...

MI-MAB by Level 1
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