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Hiwe want to extend for a customer the corporate network to another building just on the opposit side of the road (50 meters distance). We are thiking about installing 2 1562i APs as Point to Point Bridge. Both APs can me mounted on the roof and have...

Is101008 by Enthusiast
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Dear All, is there a way to update 8540 wlc's in a way that the new Software can be tested first on the Primary WLC before the Secondary WLC also gets the new Software pushed from the Primary ? Would it be a recommended way to break the HA (Prior to...

I have read somewhere that it is possible to work around htst error while accessing a captive portal with google or facebook by using certificate on a public ip addressis it true? how?I use ap3602i  for my hotspot solution.Is it mandatory to deploy t...

jkom by Beginner
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Dear All, our WLC's (8540) Primary Image is and the Backup Image is Is there a simple way to make the new Primary Image and the new Backup Image ? I do not mean changing the active status which is pretty strai...

Resolved! Rogue Detection

Hello guys, im playing allready some days with SAP Cisco air 1602 and didnt found till yet the Rogue Detection function. After like 1h google my own answer is u need a WLAN CONTROLLER. Is it right?  for example: I have 2 Acces Points, do i need to b...

doom by Beginner
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Hello everyone, I have 1x Cisco Aironet 1250 & 3x Cisco Aironet 1142, I want to configure them on a workspace together with fast roaming. I don't know how to configure them, first, I configured the 1250 series and after that I copied the configurat...

Dear Gents, I have 5508 WLC running 8.0 SW, multiple SSIDs are configured and each is mapped to a certain VLAN on the network. I'd like to block certain MAC from connecting to certain SSID on the WLC, using MAC filter doesn't help as it's allow list...

Hi, I have a doubt about the understanding of the uplink throughput of WLCs. What's the goal to have for example 8 Gbps throughput on the 5508 (so, 8 ports used) if the AP's (2702 for example) can only reach 1 Gbps ? Thank you,

aleopoldie by Participant
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Hello, Users started to complained from disconnections. i have logged one of the AP and found below logs: *Aug 2 17:34:25.199: %DOT11-4-FLUSH_DEAUTH: Consecutive tx fail 500+: deauth f859.710c.75fb*Aug 2 17:38:14.323: %DOT11-4-FLUSH_DEAUTH: Consecu...

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