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Resolved! WLC 2504 HA Without N+1

Dear all, We plan to install on the same site these devices :- AIR-CT2504-50-K9 – as primary controller- AIR-CT2504-HA-K9 – as backup controller- Software version 7.6.130 I didn't find documentation on how to make the HA between the devices.The two d...

1700 broadcast problem

Hi! I have vWLC running on vmware.2AP 1702i joined, but ​APs is not broadcasting at all​interfaces is up, no error etc.. tested and release.Broadcast ssid is on, wlan is enabled and ap and wlan in correct ap group. also tested def...

Cisco 2602 AP sending BPDUs

Hi, When I plug in access points they will cause the port to go down on err-disable because of the BPDU Gaurd. 2602s never used to send BPDUs has this changed with the access points or something else in the system.  Is there any need for the guard wh...

Resolved! vWLC Installation on physical machine

I was planning to install a virtual wireless LAN controller on a physical machine.But I failed to install when i enter the “bash” mode look like a linux user-interface. I wanna know if vwlc has to be installed based on vmware environment?even if I us...

c1szhibin by Beginner
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3600 Series AP's b/g/n Radio Not Coming UP

We installed 10 Cisco 3600i AP's, into one of our new buildings.  The AP's are connected to a 2960S PoE switch.  The 10 ports are configured for auto power inline.  The ports show 15.4 watts.  For 8 of the AP's, Radio 0 802.11 b/g/n admin status show...

Dan Man by Beginner
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5760 Web Auth

Hi all, I have come across a potential issue regarding the web auth and http server on the 5760. We are using one of these as a guest anchor controller with web auth. It initially worked fine with a small scale user count (20-30), however, on scaling...

MSE REST API issue - tag location API

I'm sending a GET request to retrieve RFID Tag location information - /contextaware/v1/location/tags API - and it appears as if the VendorData is limited to 128 bytes, it is also base64binary encoded. If my Tag has a vendor data payload of more than ...

Resolved! Management User for WLC through LDAP Possible?

Hi Guys, Just as the title saysCorrect me if Im wrong:Both TACACS+ and RADIUS can be used for management access to WLC right? Well how about for LDAP? (Actually my answer to this is "not possible" but I just want to make sure)Soo, is LDAP for managem...

Catalyst express 500 wtih Aironet 1600 AP's

Good morning, In one of our sites we have 2 Catalyst express 500 that are responsible for the LAN switching on that local. We only had there one access point till now one old Aironet 1240AG that worked perfectly connected to the switch with the smart...

Kataryno8 by Beginner
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