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CAC AP-Load Troubleshooting

Hi All.  I've been crawling over this issue for too long - I need your help. Thanks for whatever time you can give this. Problem: Users of the 7925 phones get a "network busy" message and are unable to make phone calls.     Config: Code: 7.4.121 Supp...

Resolved! 3502i versions

Quick question: On the 3502i APs, what is the primary difference between versions? (V01 vs V02) I have a V01 model but at work we have V02. Im guessing not much of a difference but wanted to ask. Thanks!

vWLC - VMWare Caveats

Does anyone have any experience with managing the virtual machine that represents the vWLC ?  I have a customer that is running a single virtual wireless LAN controller for an environment that consists of about 80 access points.  We are adding a 25 a...

wlc duplicated addresses

Heelo.We have a WLC 2504 with sw version.We have upgraded to this version due to the fact that with old version many many clients get "duplicated ip address" error.With this release problem remains.Frequently clients connects to wifi and ge...

Resolved! Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 licensing

I have a customer that is running CiscoWorks 3.2 and they also have NCS 1.1 (upgraded from WCS 7.0).  They have found that it costs way more to upgrade CiscoWorks to Cisco Prime Infrastructure than it would be to just buy licenses after they finish u...

rosenhan by Beginner
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1552E in Autonomous Mode

Gents,I need some help understanding if it is possible to run two 1552E APs in Autonomous mode? And if there is a good document to read to help in configuring the APs in this mode. Finally, if running the 1552E in Autonomous mode is doable, do you se...

2 SSIDs, One with password, One without

I want to create a wireless network with 2 SSIDs. I am using 4 Cisco 1602 Model APs. I can get the password protected SSID to work. When I try to create the guest SSID I can get it to broadcast, but it keeps asking for a password even though I haven'...

jenebo001 by Beginner
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Resolved! Best Bridging devices

Dear All,Could anyone reccommend which AP is the best for bridging? I have to connect 2 buildings wirelessly. Building A will have VOIP with Call Manager Express. and building B would just have the phone sets. Should I use the 1530 for it ? is that t...

khan300 by Beginner
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Guest User Session Timeouts

Will someone please clarify how the Session, Client User Idle, and Sleeping Client Timeouts work?Currently, I have all 3 timers set to 10 Hours (36000sec).  I want users to have to authenticate every 10 hours.  Is this the correct way to set it up?  ...

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