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Hello,               We have one wireless guest authentication requirement.For any guest coming should get connected to SSID and need to redirect to  a Web portal application form ,there guest should request desired Username, and password and duratio...

I have single ASR1006 and I'm attempting to add some redundancy to my WLCs that attach directly.  Right now, I have a single interface connected to a 5508.  Using subinterfaces I run the different WLANs and route them at the ASR.  I would like to hav...

Hello, Currently I have three SSIDs each serving it's purpose.. Students, Staff & Guest.. I want to archive different authentication for each SSID, Students will be able to only authenticate only on the Student SSID and same for Staff, Staff shouldn'...

habibalby by Beginner
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What is the Throughput of Cisco Controller 7500 & 8500 ?Do these controllers have features like   Aruba Firewall which is activated at aruba using a license ?  that can provide stateful firewall roles ?

I found many apps for the iPhone and Android phones but I would like to avoid using a phone but does anyone know of any walkie talkie hardware units that use WiFi? This would be awesome to use on our campus when we are working on a project or issue.A...

Hi all wireless web page redirect not woking  software version : of the ssid on the controller has web authentication and the authentication page not showing once connected .some clients  ( like  laptop) authentication page shows but whe...

susim by Participant
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I have my guest wireless accepting terms through a web portal, but it seems they have to accept these terms about every 30 minutes to an hour to get access to the internet again. They are not idle, their session just stops working, and when they open...

I have deployed a cisco 5508 wireless controller.  Let's say I have 50 access points, mixed models, 1242 and 3500.  Currently, I propogate our guest wireless vlan over all access points but now I want to limit where the vlan is propogated.  Is there ...

bm_5789 by Beginner
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Hi All,I have a 2602i joined to a 5508 (7.5) and was wondering whether it was possible to assign different SSID to each radio.E.G  SSID-A = 2.4GHz and SSID-B = 5GHz on a per AP basis.There was a featured call WLAN override on earlier controllers, but...

g.peart by Beginner
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I just need to find that if we have flex connect setup for differnet vlans using single controller, will roaming works when client connects to AP in a differnet VLAN but using same SSID.Example below:1) Client connects to AP on specific SSID mapped t...

oqureshi by Beginner
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