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Hi, this cli command includes the RSSI from nearby neighbors. Is the reported RSSI based on AP neighbor messages (sent at full power) or on actual RSSI on the client channel ?WLC 5508  Nearby APs    AP 00:19:a9:a4:f5:00 slot 0.............

bdheaton by Level 1
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We have about 100 devices that need to be added to our mac filter. Before now, we just did one or two at a time. This is the first time we have such a bulk order to do at once. I was taking a look at the sample .csv format and had a question before I...

Does anyone see this error on 5508 controller with 3600i APs? WLC is running v7.3.101.0*apfOrphanSocketTask: Apr 04 09:44:41.444: #IPV6-3-INVALID_ADDR_ORPHAN: ipv6_net.c:715 Invalid ipv6 address ::, failed to do data gleaning.Thanks

Hello,We are wanting to expand our wireless network and we currently have a 5508 controller with 150 AP's.  We will be adding another 100 AP's soon, and we were thinking of possibly adding an HA controller or a second controller.  Current AP's are al...

Hello everyoneim new here. but i have a question. its about the Cisco Prime ncs.i have installed the Cisco Prime with a ova file on a VM-ware server.i have configured the cisco prime with the setup at the beginning. but the problem is that i can't ge...

Resolved! Prime 1.2 Heat Map

Hi,I would need assitance on explaining the heat map in Cisco Prime. Some AP's signal are shown as red (-35-45 dbm)  , but some AP's are shown as yellow (-55-65 dbm).Utilization, power, comparing the AP which has excellent red signal and yellow/green...

ramarao by Level 1
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Where are the AP groups in PI 1.3 ?The documentation in PI 1.3 states Step 1 Choose Configure > Controller Template Launch Pad. Step 2 Click AP Groups or choose WLAN > AP Groups from the left sidebar menu.AP groups in the controller itself shows th...

Dear All,I am trying for the migration from WCS to NCS. I need some help for the below steps been taken by me is correct or not...1) From WCS - Export XML file2) From CISCO Portal (Licensing)- Get newly generated license3) Install NCS 4) Add the new ...

Hi,I have a WLC5508 with around 70 AP's (LAP1042N) connecting over an MPLS WAN network.WLC and AP's are running 7.4.100From time to time I have an AP which disassociates from the WLC with the logging beneath.Can anybody tell me if this is a problem w...

tvo by Level 1
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Hello,We have installed 2 new WiSM-2 in HA with software version 7.3. We have also upgrade NCS 1.1 to PI 1.2.After adding the primairy WiSM-2 in PI we can manage the WiSM-2 for a short time from PI. But after a few minutes we lost the connection to t...

phaaring by Level 1
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Hi,I´m wondering if there is a possibility to mark wlan-traffic network upstream (meaning traffic leaving a LWAP towards the WLC) with a dscp value even if the client doesn´t send any WMM information. thanks fpr your help

Heinz Kern by Level 1
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