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Recently controller release was made available , for 4400 controllers. Usually WCS must follow controller releases for compatibilty, as is also explictly mentioned in the release notes.Yet there is no WCS available for download ?...

marce1000 by VIP Mentor
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Resolved! Recommendation

Does anyone recommend any new model controller which can work with the WLC4402 and in the CAPWAP environment? My controller is ran out of the license, I want to add more AP but the only way is to add one more controller or replace it. What do you rec...

HiOn a wlc 5508-7.0.116, can I set up 2 ssids that map to one wlan/vlan/subnet. I thought you could but I don't have the means to test without breaking production.My goal is this:Ssid red openSsid blue wpa 2But all clients on the same ip subnetThanks...

Resolved! Encryption match

I am trying to connect two bridges Root bridge to non root bridge. The SSID and the encryption must be match on both bridges to get the association and authentication. The encryption can be different when you input from the console or web base. Is th...

Chieu Dinh by Beginner
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I am very new to wireless technology.. Please help me with this issueI changed the user name and password through web access but I am not able to access the WAP through SSH. Can you please let me know what could be the issue??

ulambaday by Beginner
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Hi, I have some AP 1130 who's had strange behavior. For sometimes now, some of these AP stop showing the 802.11b/g/n Radio interface. So I can't enable it anymore. I try to reset the AP to factory default, nothing change.I had 2 controller WISM in my...

jmccready by Beginner
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Hi!Since the sw upgrade to version (wlc 5508) i have the following issue.We have a WLAN with 802.1x (WPA2/AES) secured. Before the update the users need to enter user/ pw every time when they reconnect (WLAN switch off/ on again) to the WLA...

   Hello,I current have 20 x cisco AP 1142 with WLC 4400 series, I'm looking for newer/latest Cisco AP for expension. Please recommend me the model that you think would work best and price range from $100-$1000. I was looking at Cisco 3500 series but...

Greetings,At my work we have recently introduced iPads and Apple TV's onto our campus WLAN. In order to get the Airplay to work I am utilizing the VLAN Select and Multicast VLAN features on the controller. Although it is working beautifully, I am not...

Craddockc by Participant
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Hello,is it possible to Manage the 2504 Controller over a separate Interface.Exmaple:Port 1 is used as controller management interface (untagged) - AP's are connected to the same VLANPort 1 is used for Guest Traffic (VLAN 3 tagged)Port 2 should be us...

I have a 3502i(AP_1) that will not join a 5508 WLC(WLC_1)(code 7.2.103). The 3502i(AP_1) will join 4402 WLC(WLC_2)(Code 7.0.230). I have another 3502i(AP_2) that will join the WLC_1 & WLC_2. I am using capwap discover through DNS and hard coding the ...

wjguest28 by Beginner
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