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I am having problems with iPads roaming and was wondering if there was a way to make it roam better.  I connect with the iPad on our secure WLAN that has 802.1x and it will roam throughout the school with no problems at all, but when i connect it to ...

Hello,I'm currently moving to a 5ghz solution, due to my WGB's deauthenticating due to possible interferenceHowever, the area I have to cover is 350ft in length, with centralizing a 1242 with two Cisco Aironet 6-dBi Omnidirectional Antenna (AIR-ANT51...

Hi all,We have 40+ branch offices. Each branch office has 2 vlans, 10(staff),100(guest). IP Subnets assigned to each VLAN is unique amoung all branches. All hosts gets and IP from the DHCP server in the Data center and they get an IP from the specifi...

I fellows,I've a customer that have a WLC 2100 and he like to connect iPhone's and Android's to is wireless system.Anyone knows if this is possible?What's the version that support this?Best regards,Luis Matos

lpmatos by Level 1
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Hello,When i created a guest account with a lobbyadministrator account i would like to mail the credentials. But it doesn't work, i get a banner "Email server configuration not configured". I have configured a email server in NCS. But that isn't the ...

mgruyters by Level 1
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Our PC Laptops can connect to our Cisco Wireless Network (using wireless controllers and lightweight AP's) without issue.However Macbooks and several other devices are able to connect and get an IP address via DHCP.  If I manually put an IP in the Ma...

NPT_2 by Level 2
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Hi,I have an issue that has only just started in the last couple of days. I have clients using a Guest Network which has been anchored to another WLC. The clients associate and authenticate to Access Point/Controller correctly, although the cannot ge...

Hi guys,I have a problem when adding a map to WCS. I have a floor image file sized 1366x768. When I add this picture to the WCS, the WCS automatically convert this picture to 92.6 meter x 52 meter1366x768 --> 92.6 meter x 52 meter. My goal is to conv...

     Hi All,    I have requirment to enable the AES encryption on the management VLAN  traffic  between connected root and non root bridges . can any one share the configuration guidelines please ?? below is the network setup  . Router<---->SW1 ( mai...

We have started having some issues with our Cisco Aironet 1200 wireless router dropping all connections for a few minutes and then picking them back up again.  At times, I have to actually physically pull the network cable from the router and plug it...

Tim Wirtz by Level 1
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