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Dear al , actually we are having an issue with the signal strength with the subject series , nees you help how we can improve the signal as this issue affect our Network profitability ! one more inquiry does the same series accepts extra antenna inst...

Hello,I recently set up WLAN (5508 wireless LAN Controller and 1142 series access point) on an enterprise network with all the users on the domain but there is no certificate authority (CA) available on the network. Am using ACS 5.3 with self-signed ...

Hi,One of our customers have bought an SSL certificate from VeriSign to use with the web authentication portal. I had previously provided him with the information on how to create and upload a chained certificate. However he got two intermediate cert...

Hi everybody!I'm looking to bring up a wireless bridge between 2 WET200.I've set in Wireless -> Basic Settings and Wireless -> Security the same parameters in both devices, but it fails.Wireless  -> Basic SettingsSSID: bridgeMode: B/G MixedChannell: ...

Resolved! WCS 6.0 ACS 5.1

Has anyone been able to add WCS 6.0 and any WLCs running 6 code to an ACS 5.1 box yet? I cannot find any documents for 5.1 on how to add these.

nshoe18 by Level 1
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I have a new AP1310 installed on the tower which has the bridge associated with the root bridge. I can ping the new AP on the same subnet but I can't find it on the WLC. The AP is on the same subnet of the WLC.  Does anyone have done provisioning the...

Hello all. I've noticed that I've had to prime a lot of the 1142 devices. When attached to the network they not seem to find the controller. The subnet has the scope option and I have other 1142s working but recent ap's seem to not work unless prim...

Hi,I have two number of WLC model 5508 running IOS version And One WLC in DMZ with the same model and IOS version. AP model is 1141.The Two WLCs are integrated with ACS.I have a SSID named EMployee. The DHCP for the users are configured in ...

Abinaya R by Level 1
  • 9 replies
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Hi All,We have an issue where APs not joining WLC.  AP is 3500 and WLC is 5508. When  we do a manual registration,we do not have any issues. However, this is not  happening automatically. I cannot ask the customer to go for manual way, since  he has ...

naidu.chy by Level 1
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Hello,I need a legible radiation pattern graph for the 1140 AP -- the antenna patternThis is for a wireless deployment application which models signal strength. It needs to be specific for the 1140 AP as the antenna has a Maximum gain of 3 dBi which ...

imgiles by Level 1
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Does anyone know the operating and/or peak power consumption (in kW) of a 5508 WLC with redundant power supplies?The below power details are from the 5508 datasheet which lists 115 W as the maximum draw (0.115 kW) however this seems a bit low, is thi...

da.newman by Level 1
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