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Wireless Guest - Proxy Bluecoat redirection

I have a Guest/DMZ WLC terminating EoIP tunnel. After the user is authenticated by Web Auth, only HTTP/HTTPS traffic is required to redirect to Bluecoat Proxy for filtering.The Bluecoat Proxy and DMZ WLC wireless guest users are located in different ...

roy.sam by Beginner
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WCS Downgrade Question

Hi,I have a WCS running and with the changes made for Lobby Ambassadors, I would like to downgrade to 4.x.x.x.Is the process straight forward, as I know you can do a backup and then restore - will this work with older versions?Any help/guid...

miomalle by Cisco Employee
  • 2 replies
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Guest user login question

Dear all,Does someone knows how to allow multiple logins for one wireless guest user?I would like to allow 10 concurrent logins for one guest users (e.g using one account for 10 visitors).Thanks for the help.Aziz

abouassab by Beginner
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Convert 1131 to LWAPP using conversion tool

recently I used the conversion tool to convert 5 AP's to LWAP. 3 were in one building/subnet and 2 were in 2 different buildings/subnets. The conversion tool said everything worked but when the ap's rebooted only one out of 5 actually connected to ...

Wired Rogue detection

At present there are 2 options for wired to LAN wireless rogue detection1) Enable Rogue Location Discovery Protocol which can detect wired to LAN access points that have open authentication2) Deploy dedicated rogue detector access points which compar...

Resolved! AP Density Per Square Foot For VoIP

Does anyone have a general AP per square foot suggestion for new commercial construction materials?We have WLCs running with 1131AG access-points. A site survey is not in the budget and I'm looking for general suggestions for adequate cove...

asafayan by Enthusiast
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AP - WLC - WCS - Compatibility

I'm upgrading a WLC4124 wireless controller to a WLC4402 - 50 and hope to use the existing AP1030's I have already installed. I have new AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9 models to add to the existing AP1030's. I also would like to control this with WCS. My ques...

Connection loss with Vista clients

We installed a new wireless network with a WLC4402-50 controller (version 5.2.178) and 1131AG access-points. The SSID is in boradcast mode without a security feature.Now, we have problems with vista clients. This clients lost the wireless connection ...

keynet by Beginner
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