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I administer a corporate customer's WiFi whereby we have multiple site locations with differing SSID requirements. We therefore have a separate AP Group for each site. One of these sites has now reached 100 AP's which I have only just discovered is t...

markh11 by Level 1
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we are using Cisco Aironet 1815i Access Point as a WLC and Access point and need to be upgrade the firmware version to please suggest the step by step process that we need to be followed. 

Hi, I had performed the basic configuration on C9800-40 via CLI and now I'm accessing the WebUI for the first time. Unfortunately, there was no configuration tab in the WebUI and it is not a full WebUI. Alot of missing components. Anyone encounter th...

jaiwaei36 by Level 1
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Hi All,   I'm having a weird issue where I cannot access via CLI on the WLC 9800 using radius authentication user, while I can do so with the same user via GUI. I configured AAA servers and groups to match correctly and activated the HTTP and VTY acc...

SimoneC_0-1714988174744.png SimoneC_1-1714988237163.png
Simone C by Level 1
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Hey Guys,I want to know if CMX smart license Cisco Spaces Extend On-Premise includes all the features that Cisco Spaces SEE On-Premise can provide? or These two license types provide different features. I just found I have a shortage of Cisco Spaces ...

lwang by Level 1
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Hello,  I'm trying to gather the data usage per SSID on Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless controller. I can see nicely top 10 WLANs with the highest data usage on the dashboard, but I can't figure out how to gather this information from WLC.  I'm trying t...

O.K. by Level 1
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We purchased a Cisco WLC 2504 and Cisco Aironet AP1815I for use in the classroom as part of our Cisco Academy. We are a community college and do IT and CCNA training for students. Students were working to get the AP's connected to the WLC and through...

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