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I'm working on getting our standards in place for Rogue AP management on 9800s and I've come across this setting that I'm struggling to understand.wireless wps rogue client notify-min-deviation 5 wireless wps rogue ap notify-rssi-deviation 5Descripti...

Dear All,                I have a question would like to ask regarding on the cisco anyconnect of VPN connection, in our cisco WLC we have 2 SSID. one call "Internal wifi" and i created a new SSID call "guest", and they are in seperate vlan with the ...

keithli by Level 1
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Hi Do 9100 series APs support remote LAN as OEAP? Which model do support OEAP? Any guide on how to configure?

Moudar by VIP
  • 5 replies
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Hi I've received complaints from several users regarding Teams meetings where the voice lags behind the video. One of the checks I conducted was to ping the gateway that terminates at the WLC:     Reply from bytes=32 time=10ms TTL=255 Repl...

Moudar by VIP
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Hi everyone,our C9800-CL controller is configured with HA, and everything appears to be functioning properly. However, I've recently observed that we're unable to view the stats of clients connected off the Fexconnect profiles. We have one local mode...

Hi everyone, I have a setup consisting in 2 2504 WLCs ( which are going to be replaced by a pair of virtual 9800-CLs (16.12.1s). While performing some tests, a couple of 2702i APs joined the 9800-CL, to set them back to the 2504, I went to ...

Darg by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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Hello everyone.This time, you need to establish a wireless environment using the WPA3-Enterprise security protocol.The current physical connection configuration is like this: C9500 (BB)-C9300(Middle)-C9800(WLC)C9300-PoE(Uplink to C9300 Mid SW) > C911...


Hi,We have C9800-CL running in production, currently version 17.09.04a, I upgraded to version C9800-CL-universalk9.17.13.01.SPA.bin, through GUI, we pre-download first the firmware to the currently connected AP 9120, as you can see on the screenshots...

Ruelb2214 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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hello, I am trying to monitor MESH link between 2 APs on 9800. there are two problems:1. no working OID to give me up/down status of the mesh link, or SNR for the link, channel utilization.this should be clMeshNeighborLinkSnr, but does not return any...

mfister by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hello Cisco WLAN experts,being relatively new on the new 9800-WLC-platform, I noticed recently that AP outages are not recognized on the 9800-WLC running 17.9.3-code.  The missing AP is a AIR-AP3802I-E-K9 for example.I cannot see any information abou...

Gehrig_W by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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