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i am looking at deploying the following:Access points: Cisco 1200'sClient adapters: Aironet a/b/gAAA server: Cisco ACSAuthentication: LEAP (then EAP-FAST when out)Encryption: WPA TKIP (is MIC included in TKIP?)Management: ...

rwcrowe by Beginner
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I need some help here please.After the router accepts 10 clients, it just stops handing out IPs. I get the default windows IP for any machine after the 10th connected.Any ideas on what I should look for?thanks.

hi i am trying to setup our firm wireless network by configuring the 10 AP 1200 series we have to act like dhcp relay.does anyone know how i can do that?one's of my AP 1200 configuration file looks like : ip dhcp smart-relayip dhcp relay informatio...

dtongue by Beginner
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Hi,I have a AP1100 and a repeater AP1100. The AP acts as a Radius server and the clients (all AIR-350) use LEAP, WPA and TKIP. Everything works just fine.Now I want to secure my environment a bid more and make use of EAP-Fast. I can't get it work. At...

avanuden1 by Beginner
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I would like to enhance the connectivity of our mobiles (now via GSM), allowing also a GPRS connection. The existing GSM infrastructure (3 NAS working with Radius/Oracle) should be retained as a backup in the case of GPRS network problems. Our teleco...

sisal by Beginner
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Can anyone help me to find out how to configure guest mode VLAN & one secure VLAN. I want guest mode VLAN to be configured without any authentication and trusted VLAN association only with MAC & LEAP authentication.Regards,

paneer.r by Beginner
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I am using 2 1400 bridges to connect remote sites. the root bridge here, the non-root there. It doesn't appear to have mac authentication. We are getting ready to purchase Cisco ACS, so what is going to be the prefered authentication method for the...

scottosan by Beginner
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Hi I'm trying to store a list of mac-address in my AP in order to export or import mac address from an AP to other.I've been looking in the IOS AP commands a way to create a mac-address list but I haven't found anythingIs there any way to do it?than...

maller by Beginner
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