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Anyone else getting the Cisco-equivalent of a BSOD on Aironet 1231g access points running IOS 12.2(15)JA? It seems to occur when I first fire up the access point plugged into a trunked port - I have 3 vlans defined on my access point. Here are a co...

ippolito by Level 1
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We recently purchased a Aironet 1200 and upon bootup I noticed a red display light. I consoled into the AP and saw this boot up message:IAPP: get_ap_dot11_bss_hwidb errorThe Ethernet interface comes up fine and I able to access the web interface as w...

belser by Level 1
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Currently we use both power injector and inline power to provide power to our aps. What is the difference between inline power and power injector?Do they transmit the power in the same way ?Now suppose, the inline power module cannot provide enough p...

jhcc by Level 1
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According to Cisco AP1200 user's guide, it says for the Parent - Repeater to work properly, we have to enable the Aironet Extensions on both Parent and Repeater.But, Parent/Repeater works for me without enabling Aironet Extensions on the Parent.Am I ...

I currently have APs (AIR-AP1231G-A-K9) that I am running WPA/TKIP with. I understand that WPA2 and 80211i are next in line for security standards. In order to support WPA2 and 80211i with AES what willI need to do to these APs. Will it only be a ...

c.fuller by Level 1
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Everytime I enable loadbalancing on Terminal serices it slows then disconnects the mobile devices associated with the aps. Loadbalancing use multicast, i tried setting multicast to disable on the aps without any effect. Please help. Thanks

About 30 1120s lost their nvram after a building power outage. They were running 12.2(15)XR.Via show cdp neighbor detail on the Catalyst 4500 they show hostname "AP" with no ip address. A single 4500 can have some APs with configs and some APs witho...

Hi. I recently purchased a 1200AP , Cisco IOS Release 12.2(15)JA later.I'm trying to "External Antenna Configuration" and "Antenna Gain(dB)" , but how much Antenna Gain(dB)? (-128 - 128 dB) ?Thanks for any help, chenmu

chenmu by Level 1
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I am using 7920's with LEAP and ACS and 1200 AP's with IOS 12.2(13)JA4 Everything seemed fine until in test bed until installation on site.Im using the login i created on ACS for the phone After i have entered the password, i get invalid passwordBut ...

Hi. A customer of mine wants to put a bridge between two buildings (about 2 miles) but his computer room is more than 150' from his antenna placement. Ideally Id like to have the AP in his coputer room, with the 150' antenna cable to the antenna, but...

mx by Level 1
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Hi,my AP'S are all in the latest ios version (15)is there a way to manage the policies for these optionin wlse wrote that is could be on Nonios http disabled:(Nonios)telnet disabled:(Nonios) etc... please help !!!

amisu by Level 1
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The config file below is guaranteed to work.I have an ACS 3.0 server doing the MAC Authentication. So you have to take the MAC address that you want to allow, throw the MAC in the user name and password fields in the ACS and just load the AP with con...

gilmo by Level 1
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