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10.6 GHZ cards

i want to ask if there are some wlan cards that runs in freequencies from 10 to 15Ghz of if its possible to change the frequencies of wlan cards

pixie by Beginner
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Modification of BR500

I was asked to 'fix' a BR500 implementation with poor signal strength.I need to improve the System Operating Margin by adding gain to the receive side, but the manual does not show dual connectors (like the 340/350), so I can't do it unless the card ...

Wireless ISP (Need help)

Hi, Im starting a Wireless ISP in my area. The main office sits about 1000' about ground level with 3 large cellsites within 5 Miles of eachother. The idea is to use 5.8Ghz Dish Antennas to push 50MB from the Office to each cellsite. Then I'd like ...

MSNiCROS by Beginner
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AIR-PCI352 and Compaq BIOS problem

Hi,I'm trying to install a Aironet PCI352 PCI adapter card in a Compaq Deskpro 4000-5166 MMX (166Mhz) running Windows 2000. It detects the card ok and installs drivers, but when I try to reboot, it crashes before I can get into BIOS settings. It seem...

lunestadr by Beginner
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Filtering on CISCO 350 (b)

Hi,Still dealing with the filter configuration on AP350.Filters can be designed based on the ETHERTYPE, IP protocol and IP port. Focusing on ETHERTYPE filters, how can I filter out 802.3, 802.2 frames ?Thanks and best regards,Guy

gverr by Beginner
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Which Antenna?

Hi there,I am trying to determine the best products to improve the strength of a wireless network I manage. This network is located primarily in a 5000 square foot building. I use a 340 series AP and 340/350 series PCI and PCMCIA cards. Performance ...

todd by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Antenna Aiming

I am setting up a link of around 13 miles but I won't be able to match antenna height at both locations. The root system's antenna is at a hundred and twenty feet and the client node's antenna is at 75 feet. I would like to know if there is a place I...

kbarrow by Beginner
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Aironet LEAP & Hot Standby

Has anyone out there managed to get Hot Standby working on a secured WLAN with LEAP? I cannot manage to get my clients to do anything more than roam to a different AP with LEAP. When I enable the standby on the second AP and take down the Ethernet ...

dsnider by Beginner
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Aironet342 KEY....

himy cisco br342 bridge firmware is 8.24v. i wanna upgrade it to 8.65 or higher. how do i this?would you please tell me that what kind of Firmwares is best for me.i have two aironet342 Bridge, and have 4Km distance from eachother.and i have 2 Andrew ...

mmasha by Beginner
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Aironet 350 system w/ LEAP and Compaq iPAQs

I've been having a recurring, intermittant problem with DHCP-assigned IP addresses not getting assigned to Aironet 350 equipped Compaq iPAQ PDAs. I've upgraded the card (4.25.23) & AP (11.10T) firmware to the latest versions. iPAQ client software i...

mark by Beginner
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Which wireless solution can help?

I need to provide wireless Internet accesss to many customers that already have Cisco 340 series client adapters installed on there systems. Some of these customers are 20-30KM aways. Can 340 Series base station do this job.

Access to Netware resources when using Cisco ACS

Is anyone using Cisco ACS in a mixed NT/Netware environment? I can authenticate using the NT database, but am unable to obtain access to Novell Resources. I can log into my NT account and get access to NT resources, but am unable to see Novell Resour...

tcmob by Beginner
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