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I am looking to implement a point to multipoint wireless bridge network. Security is of high importance and I am looking at ways of providing security to 802.11b. Is IPSec the way forward or should I be looking at 802.1x LEAP as a viable alternativ...

Can I use the 2.4 GHz,12 dBi Omni Mast Mt. Antenna w/RP-TNC Connector on AP 350 to communicate with client adpaters with 2.2 DBI integrated antenna within an outdoor area of 200m*300M ? I will do the survey if it is valid.

n-khouri by Beginner
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I am trying to upgrade AP1220B's with the CAC Tool. I can upgrade on our LAN across subnets, but the tool times out when attempting to upgrade across a WAN or a MAN. Any ideas?

I have several BR350's setup and running, since upgrading to 12.03T it requires me to login twice. Any information on why this happens and what can be done to fix it. Thanks.

rick by Beginner
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Iam interested see what practices you take against war driving on cisco WLAN devices. Not looking for answear as to what can be done to prevent unauthorized use of your AP, but what can be done to stop its detection with popular war driving tools. Wi...

jkanclirz by Beginner
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Has anyone else had an issue with 1400 series rebooting?If so....will firmware fix this issue?I vaguely remember firmware upgrades to 350 series fixing spontaneous reboots from thr AP's

fpineda by Beginner
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I have over 500 toshiba M1 Centrino laptop on my network and I have noticied that they almost all associate with APs on channel 1, even if they are righ beside a AP on another channel.They are sticking on the channel 1 AP(s) until the signal is compl...

Hi,We are trying to implement Cisco 1230 AP's with Symbol 7946 terminals with Spectrum 24 WLAN cards in. We want to use 128 bit wep keys but we can not get the Symbol to connect to the AP. We can get any other devices IPAQ's, Cisco 350 PCMCIA cards a...

We have an AP1200 with IOS 12.2(8)JA with 802.11bWe have Compaq tablet PC's with inbuilt 802.11b wireless cards.We seems to hit a maximum when the tablets are associating with the access point (around 6 clients). If we turn a client off another can s...

yomper by Beginner
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Did someone have this problem before, my WLSE is giving me this error:Aironet AP 1210 Eth Port BVI1 Port is down P2But on the AP, the state of the port is up, I only have the problem on one AP BVI1 is up, line protocol is up Hardware is BVI, address...

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