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My installation compose by 2 BRI340 (50mw) feeding a dish and a yagi directly connected without any extra RF cable. The optical distance between the equipment is 2 KM and there isn't any obstacles in the straight line. The signals I obtain on both ra...

MAX by Level 1
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Got a couple questions. In using a AiroNet 350 with an Outdoor OmniDirectional (360 Degrees) Ant. How many Clients Can I connect to the AiroNet 350 Unit? Is there a Limit? Also, Can I use standard Client Cards with a External Ant. (Ie: The clients in...

jfrelin by Cisco Employee
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Hello, I am working for a ISP who wish's to go wireless. I was looking at the ORiNOCO line of products from Verison(now owned by Agere). Has any one used this hardware or know of someone who has?Im not very concerned with WEP as its easily cracked....

Hi, if I am using overlapping channels, AP 1 using channel 11, AP 2 using channel 12, near to each other, do I get interference? If that's the case, how can they perform load balancing? Tks.

Hi All,Is there any difference between BR342 ETSI and US units in terms of output power? I have both units and ETSI one shows max 50 mW while US one shows max 100 mW.Any advise?Thanks,Nika

nikoloz by Level 1
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During a recent class on Aironet products, I was told that the Aironet 340 base station (AIR-BSE342)(NOT bridge or access point) was not really 802.11b-compliant and would only work with Aironet client adapters. However, everything I have read on Ci...

mbell by Level 1
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Has anyone else experienced a high fail rate of AP350s on the initial install or soon after.The bad APs are constantly re-booting or the Ethernet connection will not activate. From the last batch of 30 APs, five have problems. E-mail is tim.paul@ucr....

timp by Level 1
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I understand as part of EAP there's an extra GINA in Windows to allow authentication to SecureACS via the Access Point. Radius is used so user name & password must be sent to the SecureACS, then NTLM to Windows DC?Then how does reauthentication take ...

I am looking at a number of wireless solutions, of them the Nokia RoofTop looks the best. I live in a rural area, i will not be able to provide access to a number of areas due to the terain. Installing extra AP's is not fesable. It will cost $1500-$2...

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