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in the attached screen. In the server name do i enter the fqdn? like servername.domain.com? also on wlc 9800 where do i configure the wlc dns so that it can resolve the fqdn?    

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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We are migrating DHCP servers for our wireless infrastructure, and I have some questions regarding the behavior of the APs with DHCP. We have a 5520 WLC with 3702i and 3802i APs. When we change ip helpers to the new DHCP server, will the APs find the...

eunrein by Beginner
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I'm currently busy with a deployment of a Centralized 9800-40 WLC that will be managing FlexConnect APs at branch offices.I have configured a WLAN, Policy, FlexConnect Policy , Policy Tag and Site Tag. The client is use a RADIUS Server to allocate VL...

Hello everyone, I have encountered a problem recently, that is, the Android10 mobile phone cannot connect to the wireless network. For example, I set an SSID and use WPA2. After the mobile phone is connected, it keeps turning around. I don’t have thi...

stan.hung by Beginner
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I had 2 1852i APs running mobility express that was running 8.4.100 code for a couple of years with no issue.  A few days ago one of the APs stopped checking in and I noticed it doesn't seem to be booting all the way.  if i get into the console i see...

mumbles202 by Enthusiast
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Hi,I have a customer indicating that the AIR-3802i-B-K9 are not working with the AIR-PWRINJ6=, but I see in the datasheet that they are, can someone answer why would they need the AIR-PWR-50=. Thanks

Hi, Im trying to deploy 2 C9115AXI-Q.But somehow, as I connect them to the network, both has the same IP address and hardware address. The output of show interface via terminal is below:GigabitEthernet0 is up, line protocol is up Hardware is EWC ma...

Archer_03 by Beginner
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WLCs in HA-SSO mode is like one logical WLC.Which tools & monitoring systems can be used to identify that one of WLCs has problem or down etc.Most tools do SNMP and ICMP check for monitoring, by such way is it possible to achieve monitoring of both W...

Andrey128 by Beginner
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