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New AP not joining after WLC SSO

Hello all,   Setup : 3504 WLC HA-pair, 8.5.140 and 2802i Access points   This is a new setup and after configuring the WLC and adding the APs, a handful APs did not join due to cabling problems. After these problems were resolved the APs tried to joi...

Why the the stronger signal AP got lower speed?

HiAn AP's signal is week, so i added one extender. I got two signals using inSSIDer. Please see attached picture. The upper picture shows the extender's signal strength -35 dBm and its Max rate 144 Mpbs. The low picture shows the AP's signal strength...

wfqk by Contributor
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MSE 3375 for Hyperlocation: How to increase scalability for Max number of APs and Tracked MACs per day

Hello Experts,    As per the CMX 10 ordering and licensing guide, the max number of APs and tracked MACs per day from the flagship MSE 3375 is 1000 Aps and 10,000 MACs per day.  However for the large scale deployments for campuses running on over 500...

Scalability of CMX 3375 for Hyperlocation.png

CMX 10.4 to CMX 10.5 Licenses Issue

We have spun up a CMX 10.5 server.  We tried to restore a backup of the old 10.4 server but it failed. So I connected the new 10.5 server to Cisco Prime and everything worked except licenses.   I tried to backup just the licenses on the 10.4 server b...

Verify SNMP User Statistics WLC

Hello.  I have a WLC running code 8.3.140 and has four SNMPv3 usernames configured.  Two of those SNMPv3 usernames I'm sure are used, but the other two I'm unsure of.  Is there somewhere via the GUI or CLI I can verify statistics or determine if a SN...

CompCJtoo by Beginner
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ieee 802.11r and what devices support it

Hi everyone, i know 802.11r is a ieee standard,and it is used to fast transition.I have a issue about what clients can support it. I can find the apple device can support it after ios 6. I did not find any info about Windows and Android,and whether a...

Rps-Cheers by VIP Collaborator
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Cisco for home? (ikev2, wifi mesh, vpn, security)

Hello! Now I have wi-fi mesh system with ASUS RT AC86U + ASUS Lyra. All works good, but I want to change it because I need:More than 4 LAN ports; (Asus rt ac 86 u have 4 LAN ports, and one of this LAN port used for Lyra, so, only 3 ports I have)CISCO...

S_Anv by Beginner
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