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Good afternoon;They have some experience in being able to configure the frequency coverage in the AP cisco, I have a WLC where I administer, the ground floor I can see that the coverage is very wide and from the exit to the street you can see the ssi...

Francho02 by Level 1
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Hi all,I've problem with a WLC 5520. few Clients an IP Version is  Around 30% are not OK. The problem is,  we are testing on our secondary wlc all AP are moving in Secondary WLC perfectly but the few client that don't get a...

Hi, Should I expect any incompatibility issues between these two software versions running at the anchor and foreign controllers? According to other posts in this forum, the anchor and foreign can run different software versions, but is this true whe...

Hi !We have Mobility express built with 10 Access points. All APs are 1832 running 8.5 version. we observed that three APs are showing 0 clients even though the clients are sitting right below those Access Points. so we would like to limit the number...

I'm trying to track down a problem with an 8821 phone, and getting stuck trying to capture packets on the controller. (WLC5520,software version Lightly-edited logs below:  (Cisco Controller) >debug ap packet-dump enable (Cisco Controller)...

On the old Aeronet WLC you could limit the SSID a guest could use when creating the guest account.  I don't see the ability to do that now on the C9800.  How can I limit which SSID a guest account can use on the new C9800 WLC platform?  Thank you.

Todd S by Level 1
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Hi Everyone!I have a problem with some autonomous 1532E AP with version code 15.3(3)JK in a root / non-root deployment. I have a root ap and a wgb ap with a directly connected plc, since the plc is in a different vlan than the administration one I us...

pavel.mr4 by Level 1
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This topic is a chance to discuss more about the foundation to understand how multicast works when using Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs). In addition, experts will cover questions about the best practices to identify and troubleshoot common iss...

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Hi. i am ordering a 2802 access point. This AP will not connect to the POE switch. Can you help me  with the part code for the external power source ? I am ordering the below in Cisco portal. Can you help with the power source AIR-AP2802I-E-K9AIR-AP-...

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