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Wlan configuration

Hello,On cisco aironet 1830 mobility express ther is something i don't understand ....When i declare a wlan on the vlan&firewall screen i configure "use vlan tagging" it ask me "Native Vlan ID" and "Vlan ID".I well understanding "Vlan ID" but i don't...

jmb09 by Beginner
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9800 CLI/SSH wireless show command output slow

Output of wireless related show commands like 'show wireless client summary detail', 'show ap dot11 5ghz summary', or 'show ap summary' on the 9800 CLI is very slow. It takes ~42 seconds to display data on ~2700 clients on a 9800-40 if you disable pa...

jasonm002 by Beginner
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Resolved! 9800-L Trapped in GUI Wizard Loop

Our 9800-L-F WLCs arrived and I went through the basic CLI wizard to get an IP on one of the interfaces.  I chose Te0/1/0 and after getting a default gateway could ping the WLC.  I then went to the webserver and was greeted by a redirect to a /dayzer...

Resolved! LAP1142 not connecting to NME-AIR-WLC6

Hi Everyone, I've been searching for the past few days and I haven't found anyone with this specific issue I'm facing. I received a Cisco 2811 with an NME-AIR-WLC6 and 4 AIR-LAP1142N after doing a refit.I've configured the 2811 and the WLC the correc...


Dear Cisco Community,I have deployed 2 APs of model AIR-AP1832i-E-K9 on a client network but the Aps are not joining the controller. WLC Model is 2504 and Software version: is enabled on the network as well as option 43. WLC is reacheab...

Tosin Ola by Beginner
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AP XOR Dual Band AIR-AP28021-E-K9

Hello Team,  On Cisco Prime Infra we can see XOR type in Radio Type , What will be the purpose of that and how we can compare with other radio types. Secondly if I want to change their Radio Type of WLC , the below mentioned menu is blacked out. Can ...

DEV1389_0-1663249874387.png DEV1389_1-1663250022567.png
DEV1389 by Beginner
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9800-CL 17.3.6 Release Date?

Wondering is anyone has an idea of the planned 17.3.6 Release Date?  We just received 80 9120 v07, which apparently have new hardware in them that requires new drivers only in 17.3.6+.  I know there is a Beta version, but don't really want that in pr...

Resolved! Airos to Catalyst AP additonal licensing required

Hi all,I'm wondering if any one can help me. We currently have a 2 x vWLCs deployed and we'll be migrating to 2x C9800's. We won't be replaceing our existing 2802 APs just yet and I'm just wondering if I'll need to purchase any additipnal licensing t...

Liam S by Beginner
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