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Resolved! Flexconnect Group - AAA Server - Override default WLAN AAA Servers using FlexConnect Groups

Hello, I'm wondering if its possible to override the default WLAN AAA servers using a Flexconnect Group?   I see there is an AAA option under Flexconnect Group however when adding a different ISE PSN to the default configured on the WLAN, I couldn't ...

CB90021204 by Beginner
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Wireless Surveying for Skype and Barcode Scanners (Zebra devices such as TC51) in Retail Environments

Hi Guys,   Just after some real world cases of surveying for VOIP deployments in retail deployments alongside Zebra devices. Now, skype we'd usually look to -62 to -65dbm for RSSI using a generic tablet profile in Ekahau.   Given the customer also us...

Random/Sporadic Client Disconnects

We are seeing random/sporadic/in-repeatable disconnects from our Wireless LAN.   Examples of the errors we are currently seeing on the WLC are;   AAA_AUTH_SEND_FAIL: 1x_aaa.c:849 Unable to send AAA message for client dc:53:60:d6:de:31*Dot1x_NW_MsgTas...

ritchgaz by Beginner
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Resolved! Promotion Buy 2 WLAN APs and get 1 free

Hi WLAN Guys,   I just stumbled over this Cisco-Promotion.   https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/nb-08-access-point-promo-flyer-cte-en.pdf?oid=pbnew008897  BUY 2 Cisco Aironet® 802.11ac Wave 2 access Points and  get one fre...

2500 wireless controller port going up and down

Please move if this is not the right forum.   We have a 2500 wireless controller and it seems that one of the ports is going up and down.   The logs show some errors for the AP on that port but I am not sure if the port is causing the AP issues or th...

itguy1024 by Beginner
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Home wifi setup.

I currently have 2 floors and a basement.  Each is about 2000 squarefoot.  I currently have 3 routers, one on each floor.  The internet is gigabit fiber.    The problem I have is that my area has poor cell service, so I use wifi calling in the house....

Resolved! Enable High Web Ciphering via GUI

  Does anyone know how to enable this setting via the GUI in 8.3.148? I need it for documentation purposes. As far as I can tell, this setting can only be enabled via CLI, which seems at odds with Cisco's GUI configuration.   config network secureweb...

RBenke by Beginner
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WLC 2504 and CTVM different behavior !

I have 2 WLC 1st one is 2504  2nd one is CTVM  my problem now is : in 2504 i have 11 as management Dhcp VLAN with range of ip , and i have SSID (name:SOFT) on vlan 15 and its with DHCP also , and this vlan (15) with internet service , the APs took hi...

Murad* by Beginner
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Antennas with AIR-CAP2702E-E-K9

Hi, we have a client who has a big warehouse already covered with old Cisco wireless access points (1242 model) and has (AIR-ANT2460P-R) connected to majority of the AP's..   I need your help confirming that the access points (AIR-CAP2702E-E-K9) will...

Ahmad T. by Beginner
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iphone not connecting to 802.11ac

any idea why iphones and ipads are not connecting to 802.11ac? it is always connecting to 802.11n. even if i turn-off wifi off and then on, it is sticking with N. anyway i can configure the controller to allow these devices to always connect to AC?  ...

rlaudiano by Beginner
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wlc wrong image dowload

Good morning,We have a customer with a 5508 controller running  It has a backup image of we added a 1242 access point to it recently the access point was offered the wrong image version: it was offered and downloaded 7.2.111...

OEAP RLAN authentication with ISE question

hi all,   I have a customer that wants to configure their RLAN ports for their OEAPs (600 APs) and acomplish the following: Have an IPhone connected to port 4 and a laptop connected to the Ip Phone. The radius server that will be configured for this ...

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