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Hello everyone,   I have a Cisco 5508 wlc and i would like to create a guest wlan.  Is it possible by using the WLC the following:   The IT department should be notified in event of guest wifi access request for a new guest computer(MAC), and the IT ...

hello, i have a problem with configure air-ap2802i-e-k9 standalone, i have a tar file but I have a problem. when i tried to upload a the tar-file via TFTP. I have the message "Error, image file size is smaller than image + key + signature 0x022f6000 ...

patrick by Level 1
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We have multiple AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 controlled by a AIR-WLC2106-K9. Is there a way to snmp query the individual radios for traffic stats? I can snmpwalk against the WLC but it only shows the physical ports of the controller, not the radios.Thanks

I am trying to set up a 3802i ap as an autonomous ap.  I now learned that I have to run mobility express.  I currently running 8.4.100 and cant get it to work.  It boot up and get to the end and the light just rainbow and I never see the ssid.     So...

Hi all.    I'm a bit concerned now, because I by accident discovered that there is a difference between the startup-config and running-config on one of my WLCs.    I discovered this when I compared startup-config for two of my WLCs. For instance a co...

stokke by Level 1
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Dear Mates,                  Kindly support me We have cisco access points 2802, But we don't have wireless controller.                  Must transfer IOS from light weight to mobility express after we transferred and took right configuration and IP ...

just noticed this one the other day, neither of our mobility engines are syncing with the WLCs.Our setup is:PI 2.1all WLCs are - was - was all was fine. We upgraded both MSEs v7.6.120.0, due to the deferra...

cmarva by Level 4
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Hi, I have AIR-CT5508-50-K9 (50-AP licenses preinstalled) Then I increase licenses to 250 at different times   If I buy CON-SNT-CT5508 for the orijinal system. All 300 AP licenses are covered?   In the case of RMA, Can I move 250 Ap licenses to new s...

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