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ASR9K - 4.3.4 - 24x10GE-SE

Hello All,We are doing some scalability tests with the new typhoon based hardware (24 x 10G - SE), and when configuring sub-interfaces with a egress service-policy applied got the following error message:% Failed to commit one or more configuration i...

Resolved! ASR9000/XR MC LAG with local xconnect

Hello Guys, Have anyone deployed a MC LAG with local xconnect.For instance, having  POA A being the active node on the bundle-ether but the attachement circuit residing on the POA B. I don't think this is a supported topology, so i need your help guy...

dfranjoso by Beginner
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DHCPv6 stateless relay in XR?

In IOS-XR, DHCP relaying is handled differently.Replacing IOS interface based helper-addresses, the new DHCP section enables profiles to be created and applied to interfaces.Ok, I can live with that...but ...where's v6 stateless relay support (in v4....

PTP slave on ASR9000

 Hello all,I'm currently trying to implement PTP on a couple of ASR9000 but facing some maybe comprehension problems.I've a setup like this for Circuit Emulation: ASR901 --(Ethernet-Leased-Line)-- ASR9K --SyncE-- ... Obviously, the above picture is a...

Christoph by Rising star
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Resolved! L2VPN between XR and XE

I am trying to get a working L2VPN between our XR platforms and our XE platforms. The design is VPLS. Below is the way I have configured:ASR 1k:l2vpn vfi context 3000 vpn id 3000  member encapsulation mplsbridge-domain 3000 no ip igmp snoo...

Resolved! ASR9000 RSP440-TR with A9K-MOD80-SE

Hi there,1. Can anyone tell me if i can use in the same chassis ASR900, the A9K-RSP440-TR with the A9K-MOD80-SE or for that i will need the  A9K-RSP440-SE? 2. Difference between A9K-MOD80 and MOD160?                       

strategy01 by Beginner
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Hi allWhat is the reason for command aaa authorization exec in IOS XR?Command reference states that:execConfigures authorization for an interactive ( EXEC) session.What does it mean "interactive" session and in what situation could it be helpful? If ...

asr9000 - flowspec

Hi We are waiting for 5.3.0 and FlowSpec indeed. In the meantime Could you share any limitation and restriction with FLOWSPEC class based traffic drop ? Did you do any interoperability tests with Juniper or/and ALU ? KK

Resolved! ASR9k N7K LPTS and OSPF

Hello, I was curious after seeing Cisco Live slides and I configured: lpts pifib hardware police no flow ospf unicast known rate 0 no flow ospf unicast default rate 0 on my ASR9010. I have only point to point interfaces with my neighbors in OSPF...

Resolved! IPSec Support on ASR9K

I've tried to find out if IPSec is fully supported on the ASR 9K platform, but have found some mixed messages.  The commands appear to be there, but I can find no documentaitn on how to actually configure IPSec, only IKE.  I've also found a post on t...

bjberginz by Beginner
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Resolved! MPLS-free BGP vpnv4 route reflector

Hello,In Junos, a BGP Route Reflector can reflect vpnv4 routes successfully even if it doesn't have MPLS reachability to the PEs. Simply with this command:set routing-options rib inet.3 routing-options static route 0/0 discardThis installs a default ...

amonge123 by Beginner
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