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hi,Got a question,ASR9k has 2 system HP queue and a default queue, there is no dokument i can find that descripe how packets are mapped into this system level queues per default, from packet enter the ingress interface util the packet leave the egres...

guan by Level 1
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HelloI'm new to ASR9000 and would like to ask the following:1. What's the difference between EXEC mode and admin EXEC mode?  Or simply, when will I need use admin EXEC mode?2. Is there a way to clear the configuration of an ASR9000 (something like "e...

3alee by Level 1
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Dear all,Any reason why following config would work on ISO XR3.8.4 and not 4.0.1 ?on CRS-1 running 3.8.4, I a mable to have both IPv4 & IPV6 sessions up. howver on 4.0.1, as soon as address family IPv6 is added, v4 goes down...and v6 has not been abl...

Hi,    We are building a Network with 4 Core Routers,22 Aggregation Routers & 34 Edge Routers.Core Routers                : Cisco CRS-1Aggregation Routers     :  Cisco ASR9000Edge Routers               : Cisco 7609/7613We have a Data Center consistin...

Hi,I have to configure a bfd session between my ASR and a Firewall, over a BGP session.but after configuration i ca't even see the configured session when doing a "show bfd session".by reading some cisco docs, i've seen that BFD can be configured onl...

cbouraoui by Level 1
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Hi,We are having GSR-12010 router in our n/w.Problm is that everytime any ospf link is going down we ae geting the error message listed below:LC/0/2/CPU0:Jan 20 07:57:32 : ifmgr[164]: %PKT_INFRA-LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN : Line protocol on Interface POS0/2/...

tejeshwar by Level 1
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