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We are stuck in the situation where the user behind a specific OLT are to be provided withone particular service and rest OLT to be provided with service per subscriber. Policy per subscriberhere means the service/policy name which is being received ...

Hi all,we recently started looking into MACSEC, and while lab'ing up, we noticed our 9901's complaining about missing licenses.After digging through whatever information I could find, very few information and no conclusive result was the outcome.The ...

Hi all!I'm serching the way to reduce bgp process memory utilization. Initially i used "soft-reconfiguration inbound always" within all neighbors on my router. For now i configured "soft-reconfiguration inbound" to use bgp route-refresh when it's pos...

Jantao by Beginner
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Hi everyone, i have upgraded IOS for CISCO ISR 4431. after i copied new IOS and removed previous Image from flash, when i reload it initially gives error that no Valid Boot image found. and then it boots from same image. please help.  output after ...