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Resolved! ACI APIC upgrade and leaf/spine upgrade with three weeks in between

We'd like to upgrade our ACI fabric from 4.2(6d) towards 5.2(3e). The plan is to upgrade the APIC controllers very soon, but only upgrading the leaf/spines after New Year. Is it an issue to upgrade the APIC controllers first and the leaf/spines more ...


Hello guys, Another quesion with ACI...Iam trying to capture traffic with flowmon..Actualy we have this setup:  I want sent Span from VPC created between ACI and legacy world to flowmon ..My question is : When iam creating Span source i wan choose ON...

SPan Leaf.PNG Span ACi VPC.PNG

Is there way to determine nginx version used with which APIC release?

Hi folks,Recenly got a pentest team coming in with a few nginx vulnerabilities found on Cisco APIC.I would like to ask:If there are any way to determine the running nginx version on the Cisco APIC?If upgrading Cisco APIC (and in turn the fabric switc...