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I'm starting to setup the Nexus1k InterCloud for VMWare. One of the requirements I'm not quite clear on is weather VMWare Enterprise Plus is required. The requirements document state a VM vSwitch. In my mind it could mean standard instead of distribu...

mitcheaves by Beginner
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Hi all, thanks in advance for helping everybody here.1) Is it possible to run VSM VM over VMWare, just for manage hyper-v VEMs? 2) Is it mandatory to run on MS 2012 the Hyper-v´s VSMs? 3) What can we do when a VSM VM kept on Loader loading stage1.5? ...

Hello,I'd like to configure ERSPAN session.The documentation says that we have first to add a new vmknic for this purpose. We are using VSphere Client with ESX4.1 hostsThe idea is to create vmknic on VSwitch and migrate on the vds (Nexus) afterword.w...

helenio by Beginner
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