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Resolved! DLU licensing system for CUCM 7.1.5

I have a questing regarding DL licenses. We have CUCM 7.1.5 and we were using DL licenses. Now i need to buy licenses for 50 third party basic phones and i wonder can i still buy DL licenses or only UCL? What kind of UCL licenses do i need? can i use...

dnovic001 by Beginner
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Resolved! CUP 8.6 License

Hello,I am little bit confused for CUP 8.6 License, I have a PAK for 8.6  when requesting License from cisco I should provide a MAC of CUCM or CUP server.???In the below link it is showing me the procedure for installing  LIC in CUCM and CUP both, so...

Cisco 7960G Headset pinout

Hi all,I'm looking for some Cisco documentation or confirmation as to the pin out details for the headset wiring on a 7960G. The closest I have come so far is at this site, but I would just like some Cisco documentation to confirm.All I can seem to f...

CCM down in voice gateway

Hi All,Need your assistance ASAPWe had a primary and secondary router failed and OBS have now bring back the Primary router, our voice gateway is up but call manager is not reachable and hence all the phones are un-registered. Publisher is not reache...

Resolved! UCCX upgrading getting name does not match any filter pattern

                   I am upgrading from UCCX on vm version to version and im getting the invalid upgrade.  Name does not match any filter pattern.   Im not sure what this means.. can someone help me out??  very much appri...

Resolved! Graceful Gateway Restart

Good afternoon all,anybody can suggest the best wey to gracefully restart a Gateway inside a Route Group.The Route Group has 2 GW so idealy we would like to issue a command that would move all new calls to the other GW and as soon as existing calls a...

Resolved! CM version 9.1.1-20000-5 change gateway for outbound calls

Hi,I have configured a Communications Manager 9.1.1-20000-5 version with two different H323 gateway. I have configured these gateways in the route group with a Top Down as Distribution Algorithm; without any changes or problem the outbound calls bypa...