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SIP commands on CME router

Hi GuysCan anyone tell me what the below commands are for?This is a CME with SIP to the ISP.Does each phone have to authentication when making a call out?This is the config for the provider on the CME, can someone explain what each is for? sip-uacred...

MGCP converting IP to FQDN

Hello all, recently when deploying MGCP gateways we have found that after upgrading call manager to version 11 when we configure the "ccm-manager redundant-host" & "mgcp call-agent" are changed from ip addresses to FQDN as soon as the gateway reaches...

How to Solve SIP Error 500

Please find the packet below of SIP SIP/2.0 500 Server Internal ErrorVia: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK648297222;rport=5060Call-ID: 793882749From: <sip:>;tag=766734447To: <sip:>;tag=nn00016rCSeq: 3 REGISTERWarnin...

sahiltec by Beginner
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Real Time Call Monitoring

I'm new to working with call manager software, my agency using cucm 10.5.2 still (upgrade coming soon...). I've been looking at RTMT can can see how many calls are active on our PRI, is there another report  in RTMT, or maybe CUIC that'll tell me wha...

David.Z by Beginner
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Paging overhead and over phones

Hi, We have configured a Paging overhead using a FXS port to sent the signal to a Viking device with the following configuration:voice-port 0/1/1signal groundStartstation-id number 201caller-id enable!dial-peer voice 201 potsdestination-pattern 201po...

deiberg by Beginner
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