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Hi,I am confuse in TE and Inter AS topics,please any one explain me these and give me easy material if have ????I found something for Inter AS option A,B,C but was tuff and confusing couldnt clearly understand allspecially where to use "send-lable","...

Hi Guys,Sorry for basic question. Can anyone please tell me show command to see all routes in all vrfs or in specific VRF where a specific RT is set. I think command "sh bgp vpnv4 unicast all extcommunity-list" can serve the purpose but then i will h...

yhameed81 by Level 1
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Hello I am facing a strange issue and would be grateful to have any advice on this please.I have an existing setup where Site A and site B are connected within an MPLS setup: When I ping from Site B to site A with size 1500 it works no problemping vr...

Hi guys,I moved one pw from interface 9/4 to 7/8. It didn't work, so I moved it back to 9/4. interface GigabitEthernet9/4mtu 9216 no ip address logging event link-status load-interval 30 no cdp enableinterface GigabitEthernet9/4.1614encapsulation dot...

dfauluchi by Level 1
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Hi,Recently I came across new term known as "Enterprise VPN" . I am aware of L3VPN, but not sure about new Enterprise VPN. Could any one help me to understand 1. What is Enterprise VPN.2. How different it is from L3VPN3. And How to check if the curre...

Hi,I am doing lab on GNS and having a very simple scenario, but i am stuck somewhere...lab diag is MPLS clous OSPF is the IGP used... CE is communicated to PE through static routing.Problem : unable to ping LAN of R1 through R4(PE) eve...

Hello everyone I am a for students from China, here is my problem, my English is not good, this is done by google translate.No one has yet to answer it?If you know the answer, please send to my mailbox 。550513723@qq.comHighest respects to yourLab Top...

lvpin Lv by Level 1
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DearsWould like your assistance please regarding below issueWe are having 5 TE tunnels going to same destination and we are doing load-balancing between these 5 LSPs TE tunnels.Command "mls ip cef load-sharing full simple" is configured so that CEF w...

Hello,I'm trying to configure mpls on a 4451-x but the command mpls ip is missing..we are running isr4400-universalk9.03.09.02.S.153-2.S2.SPA.binAnyone knows what I need to do to enable it and ldp as well ?regards,

Hello everyone I am a for students from China, here is my problem, my English is not good, this is done by google translate.Lab TopologyNarrativeBlue link ,Is the backdoor linkR3-RR and R8-RR   backdoor link,Everything is normalR1-CE and R10-CE  back...

lvpin Lv by Level 1
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The topology is like the attach, we have to terminate mpls pseudowirefrom DX to the 2 AX,i.e AX1 & AX2 over this ISIS network;knowing that level 2 routers learn about paths both within areas and between areas.If that is so , can we repeat the vlans t...